Judge Rules Scranton Overtaxed Residents

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SCRANTON -- A Lackawanna County judge has sided with a group of Scranton residents that sued the city earlier this year.

The residents say the city of Scranton has violated state law by overtaxing them.

The city argues its own taxing laws trump the state's.

The Lackawanna County judge sided with the residents saying that the city is in violation of state law.

The City of Scranton can appeal the ruling to a higher court.

It is not clear what the consequences for the city would be if the decision stands.


  • Lance

    Scranton has nothing left to make any money. They sold the parking authority, and other agencies. They have no resources left except to tax!

  • 🤔

    No surprise there. Dems are all about money only. They don’t care about the people like Republicans . I hope they get in trouble and have to repay every dime they over taxed the people of Scranton. I don’t live there but I still feel it’s not right. They sure have their hands out when it comes to taxes let’s see the right thing done for once.

  • banananas

    I want a real answer to this- What do we actually own? If you ‘own’ your own house but can’t afford the taxes, somebody will step in and sell it to somebody else. Use your car as an A-B without paying and get caught? That’s gone. So many other examples of building introverts out of prosperous societal members. Kind of disgusting if you think about it.

    • warningfakenews

      It is. It really is. The erosion of our rights began on day one and continues daily by tyrants and their hired thugs who pretend to be doing the public a favor while ignoring the constitution and testing every phrase of it to see if it can be stripped from us that way. This is probably going to continue until we amend the constitution to make people PERSONALLY FINANCIALLY LIABLE if they infringe on another’s constitutional rights. Paying settlements from taxpayer provided funds doesn’t slow these tyrants and thugs down.

  • Robert

    No such thing as overtaxed with Dems in charge. Now consider the PA supreme court is in their hands. Poor Scranton.

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