County Commissioner Suggests Privatizing Prison

SCRANTON -- A county commissioner is asking to look into making the Lackawanna County Prison privatized.

Commissioner Lauren Cummings brought the idea up on Wednesday at the monthly prison board meeting in Scranton.

She made the argument that allegations of sexual abuse and rising overtime costs are reasons why selling to a private company might be a good idea.

Cummings made a motion to conduct a study to look into the issue but it was tabled until they can find out how much that study would cost.

The Lackawanna County Prison is currently under investigation by the Attorney General's office.

Nine corrections officers are on administrative leave for abuse allegations at the prison.


  • Lance

    Didn’t we already have a nightmare of privatizing institutions? This commisioner should admit herself in a facility. A private or a public one for a mental health evaluation.

  • Robert

    You think its bad now, LOL! Just wait. Go ahead for profit incarceration, what could go wrong? Oh wait! We had that already right? “Kids for Cash”, All we need is a drug court and a few dollars here and there to determine who stays out and who gets baloney and cheese for lunch. I’ll trade you a virgin for that sandwich man!

  • seen it all

    How can we as commissioners make even more off prisoners ? Lets privatize to our buddies , they will still hire pervs and nothing will change but more scams to loot the govt. , Load of crap – run your jail and clean up your acts !!!

    • Robert

      Nepotism and cronyism are your biggest hurtles followed closely by installing a performance based promotion system. Although the civil service system reduces your odds of getting good people in the hiring pool. Keep in mind there’s only 2 types of people in jail. Predators and prey!

  • Greed is the American way

    Yep, a company that has an incentive to keep people in jail. Judge Mark Ciavarella and Senior Judge Michael Conahan from luzerne county can be consultants on this project. Good old Mark can consult when he gets out of the federal Pen in 22 years

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