Possible Health Insurance Increases Worry Those Under The Affordable Care Act

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BLOOMSBURG -- Worried and scared -- words that describe Linda Artley's feelings to the announcement that more money could be coming from her pockets for health insurance.

The Bloomsburg woman is on the Silver Plan under the Affordable Care Act in Pennsylvania, that could be going up 30 percent.

“My first thought was feeling devastated for myself and my friends who are on Medicare and get help from the Affordable Care Act,” said Artley.

President Trump cut the subsidies that lower premiums and deductibles for people who get their insurance through Affordable Care Act. Even though there are four levels of plans available, only the silver-level plan is affected.

Artley tells Newswatch 16 she and her husband already make sacrifices. Affordable Care Act premiums in Pennsylvania were up 30 percent last year, too.

“We already draw from our retirement in order for me to pay for my insurance since I can’t get Medicare and right now we are drawing a lot and it's hurting us what we saved all our lives for,” Artley said.

For Lesley Geyer, it's not only the rising costs she's worried about. Geyer is also worried about whether insurance companies will pull out of the marketplace altogether.

“In our area, we have two choices of plans, both are HMOs. Because they are HMOs, I can only use two local hospitals,” Geyer.

Lesley hopes to see elected officials make changes so no one has to lose health care.

“Fix it, don’t flush it. Let's get together both sides and work this problem out,” said Artley.

And both sides may have come to a deal that would fund those subsidies the president cut and possibly lower those Affordable Care Act premium hikes.


  • In a galaxy far far away

    I’m not under Obamacare and my premiums, co-payments and deductibles have skyrocketed! Add the fact that I am forced to do a biometric screening or face a $3000 penalty ($1000 for smoker/$500 for not doing screening for myself and my spouse). Now, we must meet BMI, blood pressure and cholesterol goals or another surcharge. Why are people with FREE or subsidized insurance not required to jump through these hoops? Don’t jump PAY SURCHARGE! Long story short……Your Obama subsidized insurance is going up……SUCKS TO BE YOU! I get to pay for mine and your subsidies. Why am I being penalized for working!?!? Tell me how fudging great Omummer care is again!!

  • Feed Me More

    trump needs to be impeached and locked up. everyday, especially when hes on the golf course, he is taking this country down a black hole of destruction

    • In a galaxy far far away

      Once we started rewarding people with free housing,food and health care with no expectation of them helping themselves, we headed down the black hole. Basically, penalizing people for being productive and rewarding people for being irresponsible!

  • are you kidding?!?

    The Affordable Care Act did what it was supposed to do. Collapse the insurance market and open the door to single payer(think VA). If Clinton was elected, that is exactly where we would be going. The subsidies are illegal and unconstitutional. Trump did the right thing. The only people benefiting from the ACA were the insurance companies and the Democrats(Communists).

  • ME

    Since the ACA came into effect my insurance premium has more than tripled. I can always count that every year it will go up more. I know people want to keep the part of the plan for pre existing conditions,it does sound good but that is the part that is making insurance company’s charge more. They put out more and pass it on to us. Do not let people give you the guilt trip about children with these conditions because if the have a disability, cancer, any disease they may have for more than a year they can get Medicaid. INCOME WILL NOT MATTER IN THIS SITUATION!

    • JD

      Children aren’t the only ones with pre-existing conditions. And not everyone qualifies for Medicaid. And who do you think pays for Medicaid? Sheesh.

  • 80 years old and don't much care

    tell your story to Schumer ,Pelosi, Warren and the rest of the Clowns of the Washington round table. The president should make them all get Ronald Regan costumes for Halloween and wear them until we have health care.

  • Sam I Am Green Eggs & Ham

    WNEP In case you have not noticed the healthcare premiums have been going up ever since DEMOCRATS passed the ACA….Case in point, before the ACA everyone had insurance from their employers as a benny to come work for them. mine was a Geisinger plan thru work I paid $50 bucks a week about $200 a month in 2010..after the ACA was passed like most employers because their cost skyrocketed, we had to buy our own, but our employer gave us a nice pay raise to off set the cost so…2013 I had a Geisinger silver plan cost me $423 a month no fed help out all out of my pocket. then they jacked the silver plans up so high I dropped down to the bronze plan, and the price went up to $525 an month still all out of pocket, this year I signed up on the obamataxcare web site, took a bronze plan again with high deducts, Geisinger jacked the price to $869.00 a month, now the feds kick in $500 plus, and I pay around $335 a month….why should I have to have the feds give me money to help pay for my healthcare? should be affordable so I can pay it myself. why am I paying for all this childcare and women’s issues in my plan which is just for me a 60 year old guy????? The insurance company’s have a monopoly they don’t want it to go away, if more company’s are available Geisinger would have to lower their plans…..
    WNEP it is disingenuous for you to do a story just to make it look like because Trump is trying to fix this disaster brought on by the DEMOCRATS , cost have been skyrocketing since the ACA has passed , oh did I mention by DEMOCRATS…….

    • Sam I Am Green Eggs & Ham

      Bill you would be wrong on what you say, I make close to 40K a year, unless you make teacher kind of money or doc or lawyer, go on the fed web site and sign up, see what you get…..hopefully they get rid of this BS so nobody needs it.

      • Lloyd schmucatelli

        What about those of us that don’t want to participate in government type things?

        Like pretty much anything ending in .gov.

  • Right on

    Under the A.C.A. my family plan is now 30% of my NET income. Please explain how it can POSSIBLY get more expensive? Almost at the point of having to decide between insurance for my kids or food…

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      It’s funny how the little twist that they hammer you on your TAXES if you don’t buy your HEALTH INSURANCE.

      I’m confused. 2-3 years of this crap and I still can’t figure out the connection between Blue Cross Blue Shield and My schedule C and my 1040.

      What does one have to do with the other? If it was so affordable, people would be bearing down the door to sign up. They wouldn’t have to use tax fines as threats to force participation.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        Chief Justice Roberts stated that Obamacare WAS a tax when he helped the Dems stab the American working class in the back when he cast the deciding vote to pass the mess. Jonathan Gruber, one of Obamacare’s chief architects, was caught several times on video saying “Obamacare passed because of the stupidity of the American voters” (Read: DEMOCRATS). Wanna get really pissed? Google “Obamacare wealth redistribution”. Representative Joe Wilson was right when he yelled “You lie!” regarding Obama’s statement that the A.C.A. wouldn’t provide free healthcare for illegals during Obama’s first S.O.T.U. Fundamental transformation indeed…to a third-world nation.

  • LA 15 Seven Mary 3 and 4

    If Obamacare was the answer why does it need government subsidies to survive? Obamacare was designed to fail so that we’d all get sick of the cost/crap coverage and accept single payer government insurance.

  • les

    The ACA premiums have been going up drastically over the past years, along with those insured by private plans.
    This is clearly another blast at Trump, who is an idiot and deserves to be called so.
    But c’mon WNEP, post the full facts for those of us who can remember what we ate for dinner last night!

  • Jeff Woehrle

    The payment that President Trump rescinded was ruled unconstitutional long before Donald Trump. This puts budget items in the hands of congress, which is where it belongs.

    “Barack Obama” went outside of his authority is setting the payments that President Trump rescinded. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Obamacare is a democrat lie. And now the bill is coming due.

  • warningfakenews

    The subsidies were a scam enriching the insurance companies. My policy after Obama got done with it went from a $500 deductible to $5000. Now I have insurance, but no money with which to see a doctor. THANKS Democrats!

    • skeptical

      Don’t believe you. I want to see your premium information. If your deductible is $5k out of pocket before your insurance will pay anything, you better get another plan. Or you don’t understand deductibles. You fake news people exaggerate/lie to suit your needs just like trump.

      • warningfakenews

        That’s the figure. Yup, hard to believe, isn’t it? And that’s THE plan the employer offers, take it or leave it.

      • Dgjjbv

        It’s so funny that you find this 5000 deductible so outlandish, because that’s the deductible for my health insurance as well! That’s what a lot of working tax payers have to pay for their deductibles so that others can get health care for free.

      • LA 15 Seven Mary 3 and 4

        Last year my Geisinger Silver plan went from $1,175.00 a month to $1,971.75 a month. Healthy family of 5.Self employed. No subsidies. $10,000.00 and $12,000.00 deductible. 60k a year. Look it up, Skeptical, or continue to leave in your own reality. Don’t believe me ? I’ll show you my checkbook.

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