Police: Man Sent Naked Photos to Teen

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PALMERTON — A man in Carbon County has been charged with sending naked photos of himself to a teenager on Snapchat.

Jordan Beggan, 26, of Palmerton, met the teen last year and exchanged phone numbers and eventually Snapchat names.

Beggan faces multiple charges including unlawful contact with a minor.


  • seen it all

    What makes anyone send naked pics , Just walk thru your neighborhood Walmart naked to get the picture of what your doing to yourself . These people are sickos run from Richard pic people .

    • Tamaqua Druggies

      You guys need some pills like xanax, vicodin, or cow tranquilizers? I heard Girardville and Ashland can’t get it up anymore

  • Lance

    This guy and the child rapist sharing the spotlight today. NEPA claims another for the NEPA pervert hall of shame. This one playing the Anthony Weiner card. Maybe taking pics of his shortcomings with a zoom lens makes him feel big.

  • Keffy

    Lots of sex crimes in NEPA. Someone is going to make a very interesting movie about the horny sex offenders and all the adults that just look the other way

      • warningfakenews

        I don’t know if this dude is facing some hard time, but I did hear that Weiner is facing a stiff sentence. Hopefully he’ll be able to limp his way through it before rising again to reinsert himself into society as a member in good standing. Obviously, we can’t put him in forever, he’s going to have to come out at some point and rise again someday… just sayin’. I guess it all depends on how he handles himself.

  • Morals Check

    Why would anyone send someone nude photos to begin with?? Have some decency.. Or in the least, have some self respect and dignity.. SMH

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