Mini Med School for High School Students at Geisinger

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MAHONING TOWNSHIP -- The next generation of doctors and nurses are getting their first real look at what it takes to work in the medical field.

Geisinger Medical Center near Danville held its first Mini Med School.

They weren't medical professionals, but in a few years, they might be.

"I was learning how to use a tourniquet, and when you apply it, I was a little bit confused if the Velcro goes face down or not. It goes face down and you secure it, and it stops the bleeding," said ninth-grader Kayla Wagner.

Wagner is just one of about 80 high school students from across central Pennsylvania who spent the day learning about the medical field at Geisinger.

It's called Mini Med School and thanks to thousands of dollars from local businesses, the hospital can introduce medicine to the next generation.

"All of the workshops offered here today are areas that Geisinger has that we are doing every day: radiology, phlebotomy, trauma," explained Tina McDowell, director of volunteer services.

"Geisinger is right at our doorstep. This is real-life experiences here," said Danville teacher Chelsea Vuchinich.

These students are just learning about the medical field. Some of them are getting certified in CPR.

"I think it's a very important skill to have because it's life-saving," said senior Bruno Arnabar.

For now, senior Bruno Arnabar from Danville isn't considering a career in the medical field, but this free event for students is a learning experience he couldn't miss.

"You get to learn by nurses who have experience. You get to learn a crucial skill."

Geisinger hopes to make Mini Med School an annual event.

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