#MeToo Tweets Take a Stand Against Sexual Harassment, Assault

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- There’s a major movement on social media that's taking a stand against sexual assault and harassment.

Hollywood celebrities began posting #MeToo on Twitter to show they too have been victims.

Within hours of actress Alyssa Milano sending that tweet, it became the rallying cry of millions across the country who are taking a stand against sexual assault and harassment.

“People can put that hashtag on there and come out on social media then be able to tell it to someone's face,” said Cassandra Slagel, a graduate student assistant at East Stroudsburg University’s Women’s Center.

Slagle and Laura Suits, the ESU staff coordinator of the Wellness Education and Prevention Program, say movements such as this help women break the cycle of silence.

“They don't feel confident enough or they feel like everything is all about being blamed as a victim or as a survivor and they need to have their voice heard,” said Suits.

The effort on social media comes after numerous women accused Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein of sexually harassing and assaulting them.

Students say seeing the “me too” hashtag could prompt victims of assault and harassment to come forward.

“A lot of it gets push under the rug, especially it seems like with the Harvey Weinstein thing, some people have talked about it,” said ESU sophomore Matthew Yaswinski. “But I do think this is a good thing to help bring it out of the shadows in a way, I guess.”

And ESU plans to take its own stand against sexual assault with an Empowerment Day planned for Tuesday, October 17.

It's to shine a particular light on intimate partner violence.

“A lot people don't think it can happen to them and it can happen. So if it is happening to them, this is an outlet to be able to reach out and be able to say something,” said Slagel.

ESU's empowerment day starts at 11 a.m. and runs through the evening with a walk and candlelight vigil.

Those participating are asked to wear purple as a sign against domestic violence.


  • Gooch

    NEPA dads really prefer young boys when they’re not touching each other behind the youth sports concession stands. You ever hear about those slouchy males in Schuylkill County that wish they were a big deal? Just keep an eye on them at school sporting events. When they drink they are gonna touch butts. Even the ones that went to rehab still have perv tendencies

  • i_see_hypocrites

    You don’t get to cry victim 20 yrs and millions of $$$$ later if you were complicit at the time unless you were underage.

    • warningfakenews

      Well, that’s just it. Millions of women sell what they have for as low as $20. SOME of these women made a “business decision” and exchanged one thing for (at least the HOPE of) another, only to cry about that after the fact.

      If they were minors? Then these guys may be looking at doing time… or fleeing the country.

      The left still loves Polanski though. Standing O at the academy.

  • warningfakenews

    In a corporate training class on sexual harassment we were told that harassment occurs when someone PERCEIVES that it has happened. I’m sure that countless careers have ended for innocent people just because someone else wanted them to be harmed.

    Not saying that harassment doesn’t happen, just saying that this kind of standard is ripe for abuse.

  • Stop The World I Want To Get Off

    Stories of the “casting couch” go back to the early 20th century. All this false shock and outrage from those actresses already established in the business is disgusting.

  • the proof of the pudding is in the eating

    You spoiled, whiny, sick in the head and pitiful American women think you know sexual harassment, try being a little boy in (((AMERICA))) without parents, can’t stand todays woMAN!

  • yuiki

    Don’t put yourself in the position, if you find yourself in the position, remove yourself and say something the first time it happens. Problem solved. But a lot of these victims like to be victims for the attention

  • not a step

    Who would have thought we were only a hashtag away from solving domestic violence, assault and harassment? #anotherproblemsolved

  • Stop The World I Want To Get Off

    “……… intimate partner violence.” Another politically correct term we now have to learn.

  • LA 15 Seven Mary 3 and 4

    Twitter is a cesspool but is news to the media. But this tweet might work just like Michelle Obama’s tweet on freeing those female hostages in Africa

    • i_see_liars

      Weren’t all these women born after 1960? How can they cry victim and stand up for feminism 20 yrs and millions and oscars after the fact?

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