Bank-Robbing ‘Nuns on the Run’ Nabbed in New Jersey

POCONO TOWNSHIP -- Two women who allegedly dressed as nuns during an attempted bank robbery in the Poconos have been captured in New Jersey.

Surveillance pictures show the holdup in August at Citizens Bank along Route 611 near Tannersville.

Police in Bergen County say the women -- one from Connecticut and the other from the Dominican Republic -- were arrested Sunday.

They're being held in New Jersey for a bank robbery there last month.


  • sick of fake news

    Here, I’ll do the reporting job of WNEP since they seem to like to bury anything that’s politically incorrect. This is from another site:

    Nineteen-year-old Swahilys Pedraza-Rodriguez and 23-year-old Melissa Aquino Arias appeared before a judge in Newark, New Jersey Monday.”
    This is from the US Dept of Justice site:
    Swahilys Pedraza-Rodriguez, 19, of New Haven, Connecticut, and Melisa Aquino Arias, 23, of Passaic, New Jersey, are charged by complaint with one count of bank robbery. Both defendants made their initial appearances this afternoon before U.S. Magistrate Judge Joseph A. Dickson in Newark federal court and were detained.

    Anyone wanna bet they’re not here legally? MAKE OUR BORDERS SAFE!!! Plus like Trump says only let people into this country from foreign nations who can CONTRIBUTE to America, not take, take, take from it and that goes for taking by theft like these clowns and others and those who come here and exploit our welfare system and overburden taxpayers with higher school taxes because of their kids being here and needing ESL accommodation in school.

    • warningfakenews

      Now, that’s a news story. It’s becoming laughable about how much content NW16 leaves on the cutting room floor. Yet, if the 5 or 6 local liberal protesters so much as burp they run story after story about it. Then they run to a college and ask indoctrinated students what they think. The NFL may be imploding now, but this station did that long ago.

  • Idea of Zero

    Anyboody want to talk about flags and such? That British one has been irking me for the longest time worse than catchy Boyz 2 Men lyrics. It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday… History beaches. Get versed. Harmony is here for all of us and we know it without bicker.

  • CeeMe

    Did these idiots think dressing in a nun costume would keep the police from finding them? They sure don’t send us the “best and brightest” immigrants anymore, do they?

  • Enough!

    “One from Connecticut and one from the Dominican Republic.” Let’s be honest here. TWO from the Dominican Republic. One of them Americanized. Can we please stop immigration? Legal and otherwise.

    • ozzycoop

      Yeah we have enough Americans murdering people in Las Vegas. Immigrants aren’t the problem in this country. Get your head out of your a$&

      • CeeMe

        Crime is a fact of life. Won’t change, but we shouldn’t have to incarcerate non-citizens. We should deport them.

      • sick of fake news

        Why should immigrants here be ANY problem? The border needs to be secured to stop ILLEGAL immigration and only those capable of contributing to the USA should be allowed here LEGALLY. TRUMP IS RIGHT!!!!

        Knock if off with your politically-correct deflections. there should be ZERO crime committed by immigrants. Thanks to leftie apologists like you these two were here to begin with.

  • Lance

    Why didn’t they pick up playing the guitar? It worked for them before. Nuns wearing black and white habits looking and acting like deranged penguins robbing banks will not endear you to the man upstairs

  • Jack's Shower Shaving Shuttle

    Priests molesting and Nuns robbing. Pretty much the same things happen in Little League press boxes

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