Restaurant Raises More Than $20,000 for Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico

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La Tolteca near Wilkes-Barre handed over a check for $21,490 to the Red Cross on Tuesday.

The restaurant held a fundraiser Sunday by donating all the money from food and drink sales to the cause.

Many of the workers here have loved ones living in Puerto Rico.

WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP -- People near Wilkes-Barre mixed a little food with a side of fundraising.

People feasted on some Mexican food Sunday at La Tolteca on Mundy Street near Wilkes-Barre.

The restaurant is raising money to help those who have been devastated by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Organizers feel they need to do their part to help their family and friends who are going through hard times on the island.

"It means a lot. You see all the support from the community. Especially from the Red Cross and everything that they're doing," said Carlos Deleon, owner of La Tolteca.

All the money from today's fundraiser at La Tolteca will be given to the Red Cross.


  • Nikki girl

    Rumor has it that the truck drivers went on strike right after the hurricane to demand more money. I feel for the people, but they need to start helping themselves. Wouldn’t it be nice if the US actually took over the governing of the island and built up the tourist areas and exports that Puerto Rico could produce, like fruits, vegetables, coffee, etc. Maybe the people would no longer be so impoverished

  • Natural Selection

    I’m getting tired of hearing about this. What happens when you elect democrats to run an island? It stinks! Let that be a lesson to yawl. Bunch of sissified citizens that can’t fend for themselves and money that should have been budgeted to maintain the infrastructure was squandered for votes. No more sympathy here.

  • Bud Walker

    Nice, guess they could have used the help 9 years ago when the electric didnt work on a consisted basis back then too, but the Media never brought those stories up…Maybe a good back story on PR would be good for tomorrows reading and reporting WNEP

  • Lauren

    it’s a Mexican restaurant, they should be doing something for the victims of the earthquakes over there too.

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