Podiatrist Accused of Writing Fake Prescriptions

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BERWICK -- A doctor in Columbia County is facing charges for giving fake prescriptions to patients.

Police say Dr. Jody Kubicki of Berwick gave some patients prescriptions for drugs, without examining them first.

According to investigators with the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office, the podiatrist prescribed Adderall and Oxycontin for some patients and did not keep records of those prescriptions over the past two years.


  • 😊

    Boy, this really makes you think about going to a Dr. That’s why I don’t go to them. I go to the ultimate healer, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour.

    • adalagarzi

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    • El Ma

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  • mickmars

    So it took 2 years to catch on to a PODIATRIST writing ‘scripts for freaking adderall? Well,that hammer toe looks bad. Take 2 of these a day and walk 120 miles. That should straighten it out….

  • JD

    Build another jail and throw all these doctors in the pokey! Fine them heavily, and strip them of their medical licenses!

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