Man Sentenced for Donation Jar Thefts

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- A man is headed to jail for six separate thefts in Monroe County.

Michael Moya, of East Stroudsburg, was sentenced Friday to at least two and a half years behind bars after pleading guilty in April.

Police say Moya stole an ATV from a house, tip jars from stores and restaurants, even a 'Toys For Tots' donation jar from a diner.


  • Lance

    A pure POS! Yes I am sure there are those morons who will beleive that he was set up by the “man”. That he has it tough because NFL football players take a knee for him because they understand that he is oppressed in this country. But the truth is that his mother didnt smack some sense into him when he was younger. Liberal idiots should stop apologizing because he is an minority. Face it. He would be garbage what ever his skin tone is.

    • wwjd

      You are right — trash is trash irrespective of skin tone. But don’t confuse that with the fact that if you are a black man, just driving a car is enough to get you killed by the police and that has to stop. There are too many videos that show this as well as unarmed people getting shot in the back by out of control police (and by the way these cops are a small minority of the force I know). And I won’t even go into black men who open carry (or is that only a white man’s right?). You don’t need to look any farther than the comments on this site whenever a black person commits a crime to see how much racism exists and yes — by extension white privilege. But I will agree that none of these things excuse anyone committing this guy’s crime. Go ahead and hit “thumbs down” all day — it won’t change the truth.

      • Jimmy

        I never saw anyone who was just “driving” and got shot unless you’re talking about maybe the drive by shootings happening in big cities like Chicago. Here are some tips that obviously you can’t grasp. If you get pulled over, don’t run from the cops. Do not pull out any weapon and point it at the cops. Be polite and you will be on your way. There is no white privilege. It’s just made up by people who need an excuse since they are not doing well in their life and need to blame someone else for their own mistakes or laziness. Let me guess, it’s society’s fault that you are a loser…

  • III%

    Now there’s something to be proud of Darnell there’s no doubt you both have the same daddy and I’m sure many more siblings can be found all over the northeast

    • trailor park denizens are predominately white

      Look into the whites genetics under one roof. And their True government income. It is sickening what garbage the whites claim. It is becoming very clear to those that are honest. And we are white.

  • Osbourne White

    Obviously, he took the ATV to get to and from work and swiped the tip/donation jars for his gas and lunch money. Baby mommas cost alot these days, he probably didnt have any extra scratch in each paycheck.

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