Haunted House at Camelback Mountain

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CAMELBACK MOUNTAIN RESORT -- Just in time for Friday the 13th, Camelback Mountain resort near Tannersville has opened up its haunted house to the public.

The spooky attraction has everything from dark rooms, creatures jumping out of every corner, and it's something many people are excited to see.

The doors of Kartrite's Kurse at Camelback Mountain Resort near Tannersville are open.

The haunted house is part of the Camelback's Monster Mountain attraction. What is usually the ski lodge, is now wall-to-wall horror

"The moment we close for the water park, we started around the clock working on this," said Dru Brooks, Camelback Mountain Resort. "It takes quite a bit to get everything set up, the electronics, getting them in place and doing the design to make sure it's got the right feel of fear. We've worked pretty hard on it over the last month and we are proud of what we've got."

Depending on how scared you get, the whole experience takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

The creepiest part about this place is that people are lurking around every corner, whether it's real-life actors, zombie ghosts popping out of hidden windows, light up tunnels that will make your head spin, or some other scary sights.

It's suggested that this spooky fun might only be for those who are 9 years old and older.

Sean Campbell, age 10, who is visiting from New York State, is up for a good scare.

"I like when people, like, hide under tables and just jump out like, 'boo!' and scare you."

Some other attractions people can enjoy are nighttime zip lining, a monster coaster, and a fall festival.

All the attractions, including the haunted house, cost $10 each.

Doors to the haunted house are open from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.