Student Arrested for Blue Mountain Bomb Threat

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NORTH MANHEIM TOWNSHIP — A female student has been arrested in connection with a bomb threat at a school in Schuylkill County.

Police say on October 2, around 10:30 a.m., Ivy Heinly, 18, entered the girls bathroom at Blue Mountain High School on the first floor and left a note in a bathroom stall on a piece of toilet paper saying, “the school will be blown up on Oct, 2, 5th period.”

Students, teachers, and staff were evacuated from the building.

A check of the school revealed no bomb and students were permitted back into the building.

Heinly is locked up on charges of risking a catastrophe, terroristic threats, threat to use weapons of mass destruction, and related charges


  • Deer lake drive-in

    I have to assume that no one ever offered this gal a second-hand Starter jacket. Folks like this often resort to outlandish behavior. …or just move into someone’s basement in Lancaster.

  • Bill Honicker

    On 1977 we had two bomb scares( what they were called then) at Blue Mountain that were phoned in. One was during a snow storm that became a snowball battle and the other was a beautiful spring day. We never knew who or why, because technology couldn’t catch them and that we got to be outside with our classmates while the janitor checked the lockers. Has anyone thought that it’s out of hand now because they arrest these kids, treat them like a terrorist, ruin their future, and make their friends angry?! They’re dumb kids, treat them as such! If my generation was held to the standards of today half of us would been to prison instaed of getting swatted with a oadsle on the behind! Adults are the problem here!

    • dave

      Completely different world. She is 18. If you don’t know at 18 in 2017 you don’t put bomb threats in a bathroom, you’ve got major, MAJOR issues.

  • El Ma

    Oh, this stupid, stupid young woman. She’s 18, which makes her a legal adult. The charges against her are formidable, and she is looking at hard prison time, not probation or house arrest. I cannot imagine how terrible she must feel, at this point.

    • JD

      She should feel a lot more than terrible, if she has any morals, or conscience. Like another poster said, this stuff isn’t funny anymore.

  • Philo Beddoe

    Good…that will teach her…we are living in a post 9/11 world kiddy’s….this kind of stuff isn’t funny no more!

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