Rain Ruins PennDOT Paint Job, Vehicles Splattered

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WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP -- A paint job went awry in Wyoming County as crews from PennDOT were painting yellow lines on a back road when it started raining.

Some cars in Washington Township got an unexpected minor paint job on Wednesday. Residents tell Newswatch 16 that crews from PennDOT could be seen painting lines on Washington Park Road near Tunkhannock.

That sounds like a normal, everyday routine except PennDOT got caught painting those lines during a rainstorm.

"Driving down the road, I see guys painting in the rain. I'm like, 'why are they painting in the rain? It's going to wash off.' I made the left, next thing I know, it's all paint. all over my car. I'm like 'really? They don't check the weather?'" said David Diaz.

PennDOT tells Newswatch 16 it checked the weather. The rainstorm that came through the area was unexpected and PennDOT simply got caught up in it. PennDOT also says that Washington Park Road is a township road, but it had an agreement in place to paint it.

"You could see them as they were coming off the street, back there. You could see the looks on their faces as they get out of their cars and see yellow paint all over it," said Brandon Carter.

Some of the people who live in an apartment building there say that their parking lot, which runs downhill off the road, was also filled with puddles of paint.

"Paint everywhere," Carter recalled. "This whole parking lot was filled with yellow paint, yellow paint running off the hill, cars turning yellow. It was comical."

"PennDOT made a big mistake painting in the middle of a rainstorm," said Kara Oslin. "They'll have to come back and paint everything."

PennDOT also tells us that if you still have paint on your car, you can contact them and file a claim to help get the paint removed.


  • kk2509

    This just happened to me near Montrose, PA. The forecast was rain all day and it had rained. These penndot geniuses tried to line paint in between rain clouds. Yah, that didn’t work. Puddles of yellow paint and no signs indicating that painting had been done. Paint on every car that took that road. All the paint washed away and had to be re-painted. Again, not one hint of sun and it called for rain all day and night, but lets paint anyway.

  • Stinky

    Give me a break! They painted the roads while it was raining! I’ve seen them do it before. They don’t care at all they still get paid. Pendot is the most inefficient entity in history! The DMV promotes their most incompetent employees to work for Pendot. They don’t even plow or salt the roads anymore.

  • III%

    Mike, his eminence king wolf could care less about the lowly serfs of Pennsylvania just pay more then your fair share of a kings ransom in taxes so he can banquet in the castle in Harrisburg

  • III%

    The national weather service offers a free daily weather forecast most likely it’s programmed into the radios in the penndot trucks so after your 6th or 7th morning coffee break see if you can find it

  • Mike Hunt

    Maybe, calls to the governor’s office and our state senators’ offices would suffice in this aforementioned matter. Then, again, maybe not.

  • Mike Hunt

    A certain incompetent, stupid, ignorant, arrogant, pompous, moronic, idiotic, biased, unrefined, hypocritical and unqualified supervisor from Carbondale, PA is infamous for these aforementioned senseless orders to oppressed foremen and their crews.

  • Mike Hunt

    This is one of many instances where incompetent bosses/supervisors force foremen and their crews to line paint just prior to and/or during precipitation. This is what happens with political hires. Incompetent and idiotic leadership from the morons sitting in a cozy office possessing no intelligence, whatsoever. So much for watching the weather forecast and planning/scheduling, accordingly. Your tax dollars pissed away because of incompetent political supervisor hires.

  • Brilliant

    “Stosh, its raining, what should we do? Keep driving until we get to Arby’s George, it will eventually wash off”

  • A few bad eggs

    Funny thing one day a few years ago it was pouring rain and they continued to keep painting! Route 87 above manuresville

    • Mike Hunt

      You’re welcome, civilian pee on. Gonna raise your miscellaneous taxes, again, but you will continue to drive the worst roads in our nation.

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