Inmate Who Murdered Correctional Officer Formally Given Life Sentence

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WILKES-BARRE -- An inmate convicted of killing a correctional officer in Wayne County has been formally sentenced to life in prison.

Jessie Con-ui was formally sentenced to life in prison without parole Thursday morning in federal court in Wilkes-Barre.

Con-ui appeared via a video conference call from Colorado.

A jury convicted Con-ui in June of killing Officer Eric Williams at the federal prison near Waymart in 2013, where Con-ui was already serving a life sentence.

Con-ui's attack on Williams lasted about 11 minutes and he stabbed the officer about 200 times.

The jury could not decide to give Con-ui the death penalty, so he was automatically sentenced to life without parole.

Eric Williams' family was not in the courtroom for the sentencing.


  • Fredric

    Mr. Robert,

    He stood up for his conscience and no one should fault him for that whether we like it or not. Besides, the convict will probably commit suicide in prison.

  • Robert J Mills

    I hope the juror who stonewalled the death penalty has nothing but bad luck and bad health for quite some time. This animal already killed twice and will do so again if given the chance. That juror (her) added to the punishment of the Williams family.

  • Fredric

    Seven year for a final sentence. Actually this is quick. He is in a SuperMax in Colorado and rarely see the light of day and is probably several stories underground in a well lit cell 24-7. I’m guessing he is on suicide watch…. no clothes, close to a liquid diet and more.

  • Debbie

    This is such b.s. he killed him and got no consequences..I guess he can kill whoever he wants and not have it affect his life at all…unbelievable

  • JD

    Governor Wolf put the moratorium on executions years ago. He’s still waiting for a report that started in 2011, and was supposed to be completed in 2013. I guess it’s still being worked on, and at taxpayer expense. And, tax payers are paying to maintain the “facility” where executions are performed, even though it isn’t being used. Time for 🐺 to go!

  • Mike Hunt

    Don’t rely on the incompetent and criminal friendly Commonwealth judicial system. Take care of it, prior to the circus. An eye of an eye is warranted justice.

  • jim

    Get him and the rest of them up each day and break some rocks for 8 hrs then prison won’t be such a joke!
    Maybe we would have less repeat offenders

  • Mike Hunt

    Jesse con-ui is laughing his hiney off at you stupid liberal morons in cesspool PA. His prison status is elevated, a hero to his fellow cell mates and gang members. No accountability in cesspool PA.

  • Mike Hunt

    You liberal jury coward scums are part of the problem. You or one of yours might be like the aforementioned victim. Your tune would change. Shame on you, liberal cowards. Stabbed over 200 times and you idiots couldn’t decide. PA douchebags.

  • Mike Hunt

    LOL. Pennsylvania is a joke. Dude already had a life sentence and this means nothing. Bleeding heart liberals couldn’t decide between a warranted death sentence or a useless life sentence. The officers who apprehended this POS should have executed a death sentence, ASAP, prison style. Justice was not served. PA is criminal friendly and full of cowards. SMH

  • Dylan

    Ohh Goody….Since this Scumbag already was serving life terms in prison (which is why he was there in the first place) this essentially mean No punishment for this waste of DNA. Why is this not an automatic death penalty case??

  • CeeMe

    Good for the jerk! Too bad the American taxpayers have to keep him with a roof over his head, until he finally burns in hell. Americans need to wise up and go back to shooting criminals we know did the deed.

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