Wacky October Weather

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SCRANTON -- Fall foliage is beautiful this time of year in northeastern Pennsylvania, especially given how warm it's been this month. But with these warm temperatures, what's life been like for those in the winter sports business?

"It's been very warm inside the building even. We're still doing very well with our sales and everything. People are very optimistic for the winter season, though. We have been hearing that it will be a good season. We should get a lot of snow this year. Just unusual warm weather from October to maybe December," said Kris Littleton, Ski Shack manager.

For the Mulberry Bush Nursery in Scranton, the warm weather has been positive for sales.

"The good part about this is that you get a kind of an extended season. It kind of catapults you into true fall weather, and I think it's a good thing," said Michael Kolaneri, owner of Mulberry Bush Nursery.

The weather has also allowed Scrantonians to just live it up.

"I'm loving it honestly. I'm not a very cold weather guy, so I love working out in the warm weather. I love going out with friends," said Austin Eiden of Scranton.

And while many people are ecstatic about these warm temperatures, outdoorsman, like hunters and skiers, are actually looking forward to the colder temperatures.

"I'm more of a cold weather guy. It's kind of weird being out in the tree stand and hunting in the warm weather. I'm not really used to it, so I'm just going to see what happens. Hopefully it gets colder," said Dave Eremo of Scranton.

"I like the cold more than the warm weather. Right now, I have no idea when I'll be able to ski again. I don't know when the season will start and I'm not happy with that," said Sean Familetti of Scranton.


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    The weather only influences your mood to the extent that you allow it to.

    One can find something to be happy about no matter what the weather is.

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