Trump in Harrisburg to Talk Taxes

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HARRISBURG INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT -- President Donald Trump arrived in Pennsylvania Wednesday afternoon to speak to a group of truckers and supporters near Harrisburg.

There were around 1,000 people at this rally, which is a big difference from President Trump's normal Pennsylvania events. The crowd was made up of truckers, business owners, and supporters. Quite a few of the people in the crowd were from northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

Those attending the speech stood in line at the Harrisburg International Airport and were taken on buses to a different part of the airport.

Air Force One landed in the late afternoon. President Trump stopped at the Harrisburg International Airport to talk about his tax reform plan. The event was held at the Pennsylvania Air National Guard hangar.

"I think his tax plan is really important for the middle class, for all of us, for business, for bringing the money back from overseas," said Jennifer Sloot of Sugarloaf.

"I think we're all going to be very impressed with what he is going to say today," said Rochelle Pasquariello.

Pasquariello and Sloot are from Lehighton and Sugarloaf. They are big Trump supporters and are two of the 1,000 people at this rally.

"We used to help out and volunteer for Donald Trump a lot," Pasquariello said.

President Trump is no stranger to the Harrisburg area. He's held several rallies here, but this one is different. Instead of the large crowds he's used to, this is an invitation-only event. There are quite a few people here from our area. Congressman Lou Barletta invited Steve and Jill Todzia of Shamokin.

"Every time we hear of anything involving Trump, we go to Barletta and he's always there for us," Jill Todzia said.

Some supporters tell Newswatch 16 they've been to every Trump rally in Pennsylvania so they wouldn't miss this one for the world.

"He's here and if he's here, I'm here," Sloot said.

"Trump is just such an inspiration to so many of us that he really is saving our country," said Steve Todzia.

The president is pushing tax cuts as a way to spur the economy.

"America is finally back on the right track, but our country and our economy cannot take off like they should unless we transform America's complex and extremely burdensome tax code," Trump said.  "That's why we've proposed tax cuts that are pro-growth, pro-jobs, pro-worker, pro-family, and pro-America."


  • Thomas

    I bet you’re one of them people who don’t even pay taxes Darnell. Let’s see your tax returns you Hillary lover.

  • 😊

    Why should he show his tax returns? Obummer didn’t have to present his birth certificate. I think that’s way more important than stupid tax returns.

    • E

      You are 100% correct. Obama didn’t have to show his birth certificate, but he did because some silver spoon orange-faced son of an orangutan kept claiming to have evidence to the contrary. Of course, he never produced this evidence, but that’s kinda his thing. He speaks in generalities and superlatives and never misses an opportunity to congratulate himself, often for things that haven’t actually happened.
      Forget about tax returns and birth certificates. Let’s talk about American citizens in Puerto Rico dying from treatable infections because FEMA is now itself, a disaster. Speaking of which, what ever happened to all those Obama FEMA camps? They’d be really useful in Houston, the FL keys, and PR about now.

  • Givemeabreak

    The wealthy and powerful control this country. The top 1 percent. Anyone that thinks they will ever give up either without a fight is dilusional. Always follow the money. It’s just all one big circus that never leads to any real positive change for the ordinary man.

  • trucker

    Thank God for Donald J. Trump. He is simply the greatest President since Ronald Reagan.
    Last guy would never invite truckers but Trump is a man for the people, not the special interests.

    • look in the mirror

      You are aware (I hope) that trump is absolutely disgusted by you? He can’t stand being around “poor people” — you are a just a tool to him to stroke his ego and get a vote. He has zero interest in you beyond that. Read the thousands of stories of contractors and workers he has stiffed over the years and then he says: sue me knowing he has a staff of lawyers to bleed them dry. I can guarantee you, that you are the last thing he is thinking about as he sits on his gold-plated toilet in his various castles paid for by the sweat of unpaid laborers. Wake up!

    • Steven

      Only stupid people have the name “chuck.” Go crawl into a hole and pretend your girl Hillary won the election and please do not reproduce.

  • Trumphastinyhands

    This tax break is going to be the hugest ever, believe me. I’m going to bomb North Korea and it’s gonna be yuge, okay. Like the biggest bomb ever. I’m gonna to crap on the constitution while you dimwits cheer, so big you won’t believe it.

  • Flipping tables and smashing dishes

    He whooped all the professional politicians and now they hate him. Their too full of BS to even admit that, and were called out when the “conservatives” couldn’t put together 50 votes to trash that crap AHC. The millions of snowflakes and phony republicans out there trying to turn entry level jobs into career moves are trusting pay to play swindlers that have destroyed the infrastructure and industrial foundation of this country in favor of global economic crap that punishes country’s like the United States for success. Budgets are balanced on income that is imaginary and projected over whimsical time periods that resemble infinity not reality. When irrefutable arguments are demonstrated it is labeled as hate to silence truth. You snowflakes chanting your emotionally based concepts of how the world works will wake up one day horribly unprepared for the world that you imagined. Nature will not bend to your suffering, nor will I. Good luck and best wishes!

    • Robert

      Aww common only 2 thumbs down, your snowflakes can organize better than that can’t you? Or are you headed out for a all night rampage to rip down a few statues, perhaps to Berkeley for some 1st amendment protests? My’n is a thumbs up!

  • The crowds are getting smaller.

    I didn’t know the Trump comedy show was on the road today. Trump should have brought along his Secretary of State. He could have warmed up the Pennsylvania crowd with some “Trump is a moron” jokes.

    • 80 years old and i don't care

      I think he should have brought old BUCK TEETH so I could tell her to her stupid face what went wrong.

    • Randall Bishop

      Join the military.The VA is the best example of how universal healthcare would work in this country, people dying waiting for a doctor, doctors not wanting to practice or making garbage money. It must be so hard to be so simple minded that you think that “universal healthcare” would work in a country of 320 million people. Then again, you have to be simple minded to have supported someone like Bernie Sanders.

  • If only these guys could haul Trump's bullshit they'd all be millionaires.

    By 2020 driverless trucks will be driving down our highways, delivering our goods and all of these guys will be out of work. Then these truckers can devote themselves full time to their charity work of filling seats at afternoon Trump campaign rallies.

  • look in the mirror

    Billions in breaks to the billionaires. Scraps to the middle class which will be more than eaten up by the increased fees, costs and state and local taxes to pay for another massive tax break to the wealthy. Someone has to pay for this and it won’t be trump’s billionaire buddies. All the defense contractor CEO’s will be buying more private islands and building more vacation homes. Amazing how people are so easily sucked into voting against their own self interests… Oh yeah, it’s all about guns and walls.

  • McCracken

    I’m just glad Trump’s fixed healthcare, built the boarder wall, and “locked her up”. Promises made; promises kept!

  • I wonder how many of these truckers are leaving billion dollar estates? Hahahahaha

    The sucker truckers in Harrisburg will believe anything I tell them. “I love the uneducated.” – D. Trump

  • Trump is hauling manure

    Trump forgot to tell these truckers that they would have to make $1.7 million dollars per year in order to get any decent benefits from his tax proposal.

  • My foot hurts

    The Estate tax….is only for the very very richest. He kills it and says “this plan does not help me”. Lie . Lie….. please pay attention.

    • Libs love to be on their knees

      it’ll be OK “Archie”, “Keystone Cops” “My Foot hurts” “Dumnell” “Dump Drumpf”and all the other idiot screen names you use. Your just another example of the liberal left lunacy.

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