Study: Millennials Are Moving to Pottsville

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POTTSVILLE -- An article published on lists Pottsville as number 10 out of 11 cities where millennials are buying homes.

Kayla Mitman just moved to Pottsville from Allentown about a month ago.

"Everything is in walking distance," Mitman said. "Everything's so close. It's up-and-coming. There's a lot coming to the area that is really good."

The article says millennials are moving to Pottsville because it is the home of the Yuengling Brewery and because it is not too far from Harrisburg.

The study was done by a software company called Ellie Mae. It analyzes about a quarter of mortgages across the country. Ellie Mae tracked which cities had the highest percentage of millennials closing mortgages. Newswatch 16 wanted to see if the real estate market in Pottsville noticed this trend.

"We are seeing a bunch of millennials buying in the Pottsville area, but in general they're our millennials," Ramus Realty Group Broker Erica Ramus said. "They're people who are born and raised here or maybe they went away to school and they're coming back."

Ramus said about 40 percent of the homes she has sold recently have been to millennials but said those millennials are moving here for a reason, like for a job or to go to school.

"We see people moving here to work at the distribution centers or the hospitals," Ramus said. "We see people moving here to go to Penn State, but we don't necessarily see people just pick us out like a target on a map and say, let's go to Pottsville."

Ramus said another reason millennials buy in Pottsville is that homes are much cheaper there, the average price of a home she sells is between $90,000-$100,000 much lower than the average cost of a home in the country.


  • Huggy

    It’s all cause of SEDCO! They did such a great job bringing in distribution centers that everyone really loves so much, millennials can’t help but flock to Pottsville to drink Yuenglings and watch high school sports. SEDCO, you are so necessary and vital to Schuylkill County! What would the locals yocal talking sports with school board members do if they weren’t secure in knowing SEDCO had skook backs! SEDCO, 2nd only to SKIP when it comes to keeping skook hearts beating like a millennial. Pump-pump. Pump-pump. Pump-pump. Pump, pump, pump, pumpumpumpumpumpumpumpumpump. SKEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Glorious

    “The article says millennials are moving to Pottsville because it is the home of the Yuengling Brewery” Once they take the tour and have a few pints they are going to look around a realize they made a mistake.

  • EscapedFromCarbondale

    Moving to Pottsville because of a run down brewery? Once they take the tour and have a few pints they are going to look around a realize they made a mistake.

  • drew

    Fake news, this is laughable the population of pottsville was 20 k in 1990 now its 13,000 in 2017. The two nearby malls are dead, the downtowns are dead. Slumlords buying up properties like in Tamaqua, Shenandoah , Hazleton and shamokin. This is faulty data.

  • davetood

    great study. booming area. every place is dead when i go shopping at the fairlane mall. only people who move back are people stuck in high school glory.

      • Taco Salad

        “Malls are booming,” said someone so economically out of touch they appear oblivious to the world.
        Yeah… and your last pair of trousers came from Woolworth’s.

      • drew

        Pottsville has a decline of 7,000 people over the last 25 years. and it somehow area where everyone is moving. Before you look at studies from third parties. Do your research. 30 percent of buildings in Pottsville are blighted buildings. The county prison is overcrowded and getting worse, zero urban infill and commercial growth is tepid. As far as malls. Malls in other areas of Pennsylvania have 88-90percent occupancy rates as close as selinsgrove and Lancaster. Taco Salad were did you get your MPA ??Marlin university!

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