Smartphone App to Replace Parking Meters in Parts of Pottsville

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POTTSVILLE -- Changes are coming to parking in downtown Pottsville. The city has plans to get rid of many of its parking meters, replacing them with a smartphone app.

Pottsville's Garfield Square is in the process of getting new sidewalks, street lights, and landscaping, but that's not the only new thing Pottsville residents can expect in this area. Parking will be changing, too.

The city is removing all parking meters in Garfield Square and is replacing them with a smartphone app that will monitor the parking.

Newswatch 16 spoke to people who travel through the square, including Nikole Tray of Pottsville, who is not a big fan of the app idea.

"For a lot of younger people it will be OK, but for a lot of older people, they don't really even know how to use a phone half the time without helping them, so I feel like it would be a bad move for older people," Tray said.

While others, like Lee Walkusky believes using an app will make it easier.

"I guess they're just trying to upgrade. Most people have a good phone now."

Right now, city leaders are only removing parking meters in Garfield Square, but there are plans to spread this technology to other parts of the city.

Pottsville's city manager says using a parking app will make it easier for the city to enforce parking regulations. They will be able to monitor the program online.

He also says traditional parking meters can be problematic because they require so much maintenance to keep them running.

Either way, there are still some citizens who are not completely on board.

"In a way, I do hope they expand it to the rest of the city, but my honest opinion, I just think Pottsville is trying to make a quick dollar," Christina Holmes said.

The city is still deciding between two different parking apps. They hope to begin using them in Garfield Square later this year.


  • Clarissa

    What a sad joke this is. Pottsville could certainly spend its money on much more important things. There are so many properties that should either be torn down or fixed up. All of those Millenials moving in will leave if they’re living in a dump.

  • SteveG

    I guess this is their way of appeasing the “influx of millennials” that are supposedly moving to Pottsville.


    Good idea. I mean I am sure the people who on walkers and wheelchairs who are the ones who actually shop in the outdated downtown. Will get right on to downloading the app to the touch-tone phone they bought at boscovs .

  • berrios

    In a city where most of the young people move out and there is mostly old people. What a great idea a parking Smart phone app , yet peacock street has not been paved it seems since 1976. Great area!

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