Paving the Electric City

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SCRANTON -- Expect some traffic tie-ups this week in Scranton as crews pave some of the city's busiest streets.

For most of the day, crews were out milling Wyoming Avenue, preparing it to be paved. This is one of the most heavily traveled roads in Scranton, but it is just part of a much larger paving project.

John Dickman spends a lot of time on Wyoming Avenue driving between Nicholas Auto Parts' Scranton and Dunmore locations.

"It was like driving on the moon, a little crater here and there," he said.

And his trips will take a little longer this week as crews have been milling about a mile's worth of the street preparing it for paving.

It's part of a major paving project that's taken close to two years and about $2 million so far.

"You know, I think some of the past mayors have done it, but it was always piecemeal -- hit there, hit there, but this seems to be more universal," Dickman said.

Crews were also out paving another busy street, North Washington Avenue in Scranton's Green Ridge section. There's been paving on residential streets and business districts alike.

Employees at Battaglia's Sports on Wyoming Avenue are just asking customers to be patient. It will be worth it.

"I really don't come that way, because I come from west side and our street has been paved, a few of our streets up in west side. We're happy to see the paving done," said Sally Davis.

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  • Liam G

    In the meantime, the water company shreds the hill section streets into impassable moonscapes. The condition that they are leaving these roads in is unconscionable.

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