Mixed Reactions to Boy Scout Announcement

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SCRANTON -- Starting next year, girls will be allowed to join The Boy Scouts of America.

They'll be allowed into the Cub Scout program and they'll be able to pursue the highest rank of Eagle Scout.

"It just expands the opportunities for these young ladies to get the same great program, the same character values and ethical training that we give to the boys. The girls deserve that as well,” said Mark Barbernitz, a Boy Scout Executive from the Northeast Pennsylvania Council.

Many are happy with the decision.

"I think it would be funner because they do a lot of like stuff with the environment,” said Girl Scout Makayla McAndrew of Scranton.

Some say the more choices for girls, the better.

"I think that's pretty cool because other people can decide what they want to do instead of just like if you're a girl, you have to go to certain things,” said Ava Roberto of Scranton.

"I think that's a good idea because a lot of girls might not just want to go to Girl Scouts. They might want a different option,” said Trista Chickeletti of Scranton.

There is concern that girls will leave Girl Scouts to join the Boy Scouts.

"What happens if the troop just goes? All of these girls might not want to try it in the beginning, but then they might want to because there is no comparison to an eagle scout for a girl scout, so yeah, they might eventually want to try it, might want to give it a shot, might love it and not come back,” said Girl Scout Troop Leader Amy Mitchell of Scranton.

These girls have no plans to leave their Girl Scout troop.

"I would personally stick to Girl Scouts because we could like do things that Boy Scouts could do,” said Madison Mayer of Scranton.

But they like some of the things Boy Scouts offer.

"Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts is sort of the same thing but boys do like more like outdoor things, like they go camping,” said Alexis Lazdowsky of Scranton.

Leaders with The Boy Scouts of America say they decided to allow girls after years of getting requests from girls and their families.  They say they also want to help busy families consolidate programs for their children.


  • III%

    OK boys and girls this week we begin to earn our feminine hygiene merit badges………. Ummmmm where are you boys going ?? ? Ummmmm boys come back here ! Boys !

  • Greg Carpek

    No body here realizes that Venture Scouts are mixed gender, a bunch of barely supervised horny teenagers going on camping trips and no one bats an eye?

  • Dave Lattle

    It would be one thing if the Girl Scouts wasn’t run so awfully. I tried signing up my daughters but was told that the troop for her age group was “full” and I should look at another town’s troop to join. I’m not taking my kid to some other township where she knows nobody just to do some pathetic crafts and sell over priced cookies to diabetics and people that need to go on a diet. My daughter asked the troop leader if they ever went camping or went to the rifle range and was not so politely told that girls aren’t supposed to do those activities and that the girl scouts don’t either. Needless to say if the girl scouts want to keep their numbers and society wants to keep scouting segregated, then the GSA needs to step up their act.

    • El Ma

      Girl Scouts used to do all sorts of wonderful things, and camping was one of them! There were horseback riding badges, badges for campfire expertise, and camping used to be a terrific event that members looked forward to.

      Then came the allergies. Little girls were allergic to peanuts, poison ivy, dogs, cats, ebola, whatever…….and, the camping stopped. The summer camps were closed down because parents didn’t like the fact that their little princess peas would have to have chores to attend to during the 14 days that they were at camp. Germs. Bugs. Poison Ivy. Accidents. Injuries. It all came to a screeching halt because parents didn’t want their little gems hurt, saddened, or embarrassed.

      The GSA is a group of nasty, overblown, and self-important soccer moms that have entirely too much time and money on their hands. The whole outfit needs to just give up because there are NO challenges for girls to meet, anymore. It’s just a group of ill-tempered little girls playing with glitter and glue, each week.

  • El Ma

    I just don’t get how or where this avalanche of stupid began. I remember girls doing one thing, boys doing other things, and we never complained. So, are all the young sheeple going to be using the same showers and latrines? Yay. That’ll work out GREAT.

  • Lloyd "last man standing" Schmucatelli

    I think a lot of this stems from parents being terrified of telling little Johnny and little Suzy, “NO!”.

    “No Suzy, you’re not joining the Boy Scouts and I don’t care if the Boy Scouts said girls can be in it or not! You’re a little girl, you join the Girl Scouts.”

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      “No Suzy, I don’t care that Mary’s mommy and daddy let her join the Boy Scouts. Mary’s mommy and daddy are liberal freaks who have no common sense. I want you to grow up with a firm base in reality.”

    • El Ma

      It seems as if there’s this nefarious agenda to dehumanize people, en masse, to become “the same” in thought, word, deed, gender, and purpose. I’m not saying that this is a fact, but I cannot ever remember the world being this ludicrous in any direction we look.

      I’ve typed it, before, and I type it now: I am so grateful that I’m not growing up or trying to raise children in this present day. To stand up for values, ethics, and morals is clearly unpopular. How did it come to this point?

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