Local Scout Leaders Optimistic as Boy Scouts Allow Girls

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MOOSIC -- The Boy Scouts of America announced Wednesday its board of directors unanimously agreed to let girls join the Cub Scout program and to forge a path for older girls to pursue and earn the highest rank of Eagle Scout.

The organization says the decision comes after years of getting requests from families and girls.

BSA said the move is also aimed at helping busy families consolidate programs for their children.

"It just expands the opportunities for these young ladies to get the same great program, the same character values and ethical training that we give to the boys. The girls deserve that as well," said Mark Barbernitz, scouting executive.

Boy Scouts of America is no longer limited to just boys.

At the Boy Scouts of America national office Wednesday, a decision was voted on unanimously to allow girls into the Cub Scout program. This movement will allow girls to advance through the program and earn the highest rank of Eagle Scout.

"It's an exciting day," said Barbernitz. "For a while, the Boy Scouts have been looking for ways to serve the entire family. We have a lot of families that want a one-stop solution for their children. We've had a lot of interest in young ladies participating in Cub Scouts. They've already been doing that with their brothers in many situations. This is a way to really welcome them into the Cub Scout packs."

This will all go into effect in 2018.


  • Court

    i think the real issue here is this: girls that want to join boy scouts mostly want to do all the cool, fun things the boys do. Like the camping, learning how to start fires, fishing, hunting, tie knots, all that stuff. Maybe if Girl scouts would add more of that into their programs, girls wouldn’t want to cross over to the boy scouts. Why not call it kid scouts, and combine both curriculums? As a “girl scout drop out” and a “tom boy” I left the scouts as a kid because making kites and baking just wasn’t that fun. I wanted to do all the cool things the boys did too.

  • Mike Hunt

    Bottom line, $$$$$$$$$$$$. Girl scouts buttsore. LOL, feminist demanded equality. Be careful what you wish for. You got it.

    • El Ma

      ROBERT, at some point it’s going to be illegal to label a trans-whatever-the-fook den leader as, “mothers.” I can see it, now – some guy with a full beard in a skirt and heels telling all of the cubs, “And, THEN! You shove the old people into the streets and demand that they check their gender privileges!”

      Welcome to a mirror of pre-collapse of Ancient Rome.

      • El Ma

        The first recognized trans-gendered kid was 9 years old. The mother, Kristie Maldonado, was quoted as saying that she was “…proud of the fight…” that she engaged in to see that her little “Joey” was accepted into the CUB SCOUTS as a transgender. What does this say? This says that the mother determined that her sweet offspring was trans-gender 2 years PRIOR to this. So, at age 7, a kid thinks that they’re of a different gender and, at 8, that kid is kicked out of their pack for announcing that s/he is trans-gendered, and the self-serving, narcissistic mother runs with it to make HER offspring into some sort of “brave” little cub that will lead the way for other trannies.

        Where is little Joey Maldonado, today? Is it still participating in Cub Scouts? Is it being administered hormonal therapy at 9? Has a kid’s fantasies and NORMAL confusion created the precedent for all children who are confused and impressionable?

  • Dave

    Maybe Adults should stand aside on this one and let the Kids handle it. Adults can screw things up especially the ones who post on this site every day with their one sided opinions. After all it’s the kids not adults..

    • El Ma

      “…let the Kids handle it.” No. This is why children are under the mistaken beliefs that they are “trans-gendered,” non-lineal, trans-species, and all of the other outrageous claims that are deconstructing society and culture. Children have NO idea what they are, and they go through many, many phases as they develop and formulate their morals, values, and ethics into adulthood.

      At present, these “kids” are calling the shots on how our culture and society will function. They are pliable and impressionable, and the easiest target to recruit to become angry, hostile disruptive, and vociferous human beings that have absolutely no idea what it is that they want, or (better yet) need.

      What a steaming pile of nonsense.

  • Lance

    They were against gays in scouts because of “possible problems” . Now with girls in there will be a new host of issues. I can see sexual assaults, possible discrimination, bullying?. Why put themselves in this situation? They have girl scouts increase their programs so it can be as instructional as the boys. A mess in the making.

  • Mediasux

    Would be nice of WNEP to let people know that BSA has offered a coed scouting program I think its called called venture scouts for years. So this move was nothing new. We always knew it was coming. Oh and how bout mentioning that while girls are allowed in boy scouts they are still going to be seperated. Sometimes totally different packs. Great reporting wnep (*sarcasm)

  • popcorn anyone

    So the girls sell cookies. The boys sell popcorn. Who will be selling the popcorn now? That popcorn is good.

  • Johnkimball

    Why can’t the left just leave things alone and stop turning every great institution into a social experiment?

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Because they want everything to be exactly the same. A boy it’s a girl, a girl is a boy. Black isWhite, white is black. Dark is light, light is dark.

      They aren’t happy with equal opportunity. They want everything to be exactly the same. I have nothing against girls doing Scouting type activities. That is why there are Girl Scouts.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    NFL? check.

    Ever spending a dime in the state of california? Check

    Coffee at Starbucks? Check

    Boy Scouts? Check.

    Another one crossed off my list.

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