Consignments Combining in Dunmore

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DUNMORE -- Two consignment shops in Lackawanna County are expanding under one roof. The stores sell used clothes and furniture and the owner says the popularity of repurposing things led to the expansion.

Inside an old carpet store on Drinker Street in Dunmore, a new purpose is focused on repurposing.

Two different consignment shops, Esther's Consignment Boutique and Miriam's Furniture Consignment, are now under the same roof with Esther's side selling women's clothing and Miriam's side selling furniture and household items.

Shoppers say both stores needed a new space.

"I tell my friends, and they tell their friends, and look, look at their new place," said Trish Spalletta.

Esther's and Miriam's are both owned by a woman bearing neither name, Beth Rosenfeld. She says shopping and selling in stores like hers can be like a sport that's growing in popularity.

"There's always some kind of little treasure that you wouldn't see elsewhere, and for the consigner, they're making 50 percent, so our average consigner can definitely pay their cell phone bill. And some of our consigners really make a lot more," Rosenfeld said.

While they may be under one roof, Miriam's and Esther's will still function like two separate businesses and the owner says there's a reason for that.

"We've been keeping the shops separate because we do get a lot of men shoppers on this side and they don't want to be bombarded with purses and shoes," said Rosenfeld. "This side's a little more male friendly."

Uniting the stores under one roof is more convenient for her but Beth hopes it brings shoppers to both sides of the building. You never know what you might find.

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