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Styrofoam from Hotel Construction Littering Stroudsburg Street

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STROUDSBURG -- It looks like it's snowing on North 7th Street in downtown Stroudsburg, but these white Styrofoam flakes don't melt once they hit the ground.  Instead, they are building up and creating a mess.

"Yeah, it's been visible for a few days now, a couple weeks. I really just noticed it yesterday when I saw a Facebook post go around about it being stuck in the drains and just Styrofoam everywhere," said Marty Carr, Stroudsburg.

The Styrofoam pellets are coming from construction work at the Pocono Inne Town Hotel.

Borough officials say the owner of the hotel was warned about the problem last month and was cited on Tuesday for the same issue.

"The workers are not being conscious of anything and there is a mess all over the place. As a business owner, that is not allowed, you can't do that you're going to get fined in our borough. So we have been fining them," said Stroudsburg Mayor Tarah Probst.

People we spoke to say even though the foam pellets are very small, they are clogging up on the curbs, landing on cars and creating an unwanted mess.

Jack Swersie displays his art at a gallery here on North 7th Street.

He tells Newswatch 16, he initially brought the issue to borough officials when he noticed the build-up last month.

Swersie says he's upset to see it littering the streets again.

"I've seen it get worse and it's just terrible. It's in the cracks of the sidewalk. It's in the streets. I really think that the construction company should be cleaning up after they do a days work. It just seems to make sense," said Jack Swersie, Pocono Township.

Newswatch 16 did try to reach out to the owner of the Pocono Inne Town Hotel but did not receive a call back.

Borough officials say they will enforce stricter penalties if the problem continues.


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    PFFFFFFFT!!!! “…if the problem continues?” LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, please………that stuff is like weightless fluff and it’s going to be EVERYWHERE for the next 3 months until it’s all washed into the the rivers.

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