Students Start Petition to Keep Technical School from Closing

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HAZLE TOWNSHIP -- The McCann Business and Technical Schools in Hazle Township and in Wilkes-Barre are set to close next year.

For Brian Fuller and Stephen McDonough, McCann Business and Technical school near Hazleton is more than just a school -- it's home.

"I came for my tour here. Four days later, after my tour, I started class," McDonough said. "I was welcomed with open arms."

In August, the students, who are both studying industrial maintenance, found out their branch in Hazle Township and the one in Wilkes-Barre will be closing sometime next year. A spokesperson for McCann said the schools are closing because their accreditor has lost federal recognition. Fuller and McDonough have been doing all they can to keep them open.

Fuller and McDonough have been doing all they can to keep them open.

"It's important to the area," Fuller said. "I mean, look at where we are. We are in an industrial park. The school serves that industrial park well with the programs that it has. It provides us with a place to do externships."

Many of the students tell Newswatch 16 they fear they won't be able to finish their programs by the time the school closes. They also said transferring is not an option because the next closest location is in Allentown."

"It looks like I might be able to crunch my schedule (so I can finish) before they close," McDonough said. "If I can't, I'm not going to be able to graduate and our program is uniquely tailored to this area where no other school offers this program for us."

This is not the first set of McCann schools to close. About a year ago, Newswatch 16 reported on two of the schools that closed in Dickson City and in Carlisle.

Fuller and McDonough have started a petition to keep the school open. So far, it has about 450 signatures. They have also started a Facebook page.

"I'd love to see the campus stay open," Fuller said. "It serves the community well."

McCann's spokesperson said there is no set date for the school's closing yet. Fuller and McDonough said they've received emails that say it will be closing next spring.


  • April

    Good! I went to this school (hazleton campus) while I was pregnant with my son. They promised me top of line education for my field and job placement after my internship (which I had to pay for.) They also charged me for a library fee, which they don’t have a library, and a fee for a business suit for interviews, which I never got. Then, when I started paying off my student loans, I noticed that for the year and a half I attended it had cost me more than when I was living on-campus at a 4 year university! I have yet to do anything with my degree or recieved any help from the school which they promise while enrollment!

    • Drew

      The majority of people that I know, who personally went to McCann, didn’t have any of these issues. A lot of times people sign up for certain courses, that there really isn’t a demand for. It’s all in having realistic expectations. A lot of people, have done the work and got the job they were after. I’m sure not everyone has had a good experience with the school, but I can’t honestly say I know anyone that had these problems. I do think that if these students achieve their goal, and I hope they do, they bring in some new management, because obviously it’s a much needed change.

    • ItAintJustMcCann

      Same thing happened when I worked for ICS/PennFoster or whatever the heck name it’s going by these days. I’d occasionally get a mis-routed customer service call from a former student irate that X or Y place wouldn’t take their ‘certificate’ from that “school” . Yet somehow those clowns are still in business.

  • Jen

    If you look at the petition, it’s being sent to politicians and accrediting agencies as well. There aren’t many options in the area, that are affordable and don’t require a lot of driving. It’s sad this whole area is just becoming empty, with everything closing. It’s nice to see people TRYING and fighting for something, as opposed to seeing drug busts, on the news. They are passionate about their school, and obviously put the work in. Knowing these men are in a program that’s not offered anywhere, besides Allentown, is disheartening. I hope they find the accreditation they need.

  • Welcome to the Real World

    They might have a chance with the petition if this was a public institution. At this rate, this is like petitioning for your local convenience store to stay open.

    • Xyne Deceder

      No school, not even LCCC can guarantee that each of their students will find a job in their field of study. To even make assume something like that is completely ridiculous. No one has any control or foresight on the economy and companies willing to offer new opportunities for new hires. The school has professions, not forklift certifications where companies are hiring everyday to fill. These professional positions, not entry level.

    • Someone whocares

      What you people aren’t getting is very simple. IF the schools are closing due to loosing an acceditation, then why is in only a select few that are owned by this company? Secondly, the petitions are to educate the owners of the importance of keeping it open. Therefore, all they need to do is find a new accreditor before the deadline of June 12, 2018. Easy Peasy for those that care.

  • Taco Salad

    What exactly are they petitioning for? All the signatures in the world doesn’t equate to the federal government giving accreditation back.

    • William B.

      In reality, the corporation that owns McCann School of Business & Technology is using the accreditation issue as a smokescreen. What the corporation is really doing is shedding some of its campuses to make its portfolio look better in hopes of a merger with an existing school system in order to solve their accreditation woes. If loss of accreditation were really the issue, all of the McCann campuses would be closing, not just the Hazleton and Wilkes-Barre ones.

      • Xyne Deceder

        You are right on the money with that one, William. I have a feeling that group of men that are fighting this already were very much aware of that right from the beginning. From the first time anyone was briefed about McCann closing, it was filled with “Smoke in Mirrors” right from the start. Anyone that is following this story knows that there is something much deeper then what is being told. Soon, it will be revealed. it always comes out eventually. I will give credit to that group of men for what they are doing. For those students and their Instructor to take it upon themselves and fight for what they believe in is very admirable. They are very passionate to fight for what they believe in. Instead of people condemning them, they should show some support. It’s not everyday that you see people like them. I for one hope that it turns out in their favor! It’s a shame to see another trade / business school close.

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