Physician Assistant Charged with Stealing Painkillers, Forging Prescriptions

MOSCOW — A man from Lackawanna County is under arrest for stealing prescription drugs while working as a physician assistant.

Investigators with the attorney general’s office say Steven Kravitz, 44, of Moscow, was working for Horizon Medical Corporation. Kravitz allegedly wrote prescriptions using a doctor’s name for drugs for himself.

Police said Kravitz would also steal drugs during visits to patients’ homes.

Authorities are investigating at least 16 incidents between December of 2015 and September 2017 in several parts of Lackawanna County.


  • deborah

    He probably was a very nice guy, professional in his job until he started this crap. I am only assuming…but suspect he was selling the stolen drugs, making him part of the drug problem communities across the nation are dealing with. These drugs get in to the hands of our kids and tragedy is on the horizon. He needs to be held accountable for his actions.

  • tiny turtle

    Just another medical junkie! Even Home Depot demands random urine tests. Why aren’t more medical personnel required to take mandatory drug testing?!?! These are the people whom drugs are most closely available, and people’s health and very lives are in their hands! It’s not rocket science—mandatory random drug testing, period.

  • Mike Hunt

    Addiction is rampant. Maybe, the aforementioned was selling what he was forging and stealing. Embarrassing for the family, though.

  • III%

    Im sure a lot of the guy’s on the cell block will be saying “OMG he’s so hot” then practice some prison proctology on him bet he will wish he had those pain pills then

  • Patience

    It’s to bad that he got caught… He could have did it differently and ask for a prescription… But I have to say theses PA’S are over worked… Doctors only see you once a year if your there 5 to 10 times… All the weight goes on the little guy… The Doctor still make the big bucks while his little peeons do all the work… I have seen Steve over the years and can say he was always professional… Good bed side manner and talk to his patient… Doctors rush you out the door but Steve would sit and talk about your ailments… I’m sure if you talked to some of his patience’s they would give nothing but praise… He’s a good man that got caught in a bad place…

      • Mike Hunt

        Same lame excuses utilized by incompetent traitor Barack Hussein Osama, lying HilLIEry CLITon, rapist slick Willie CLITon, cheater Donna ‘GORILLA’Brazil, deceitful Susan ‘fried’Rice, he/she Michelle(Micheal) Osama, clueless John Boy Kerry, Crybaby Chuck Schumer, Nancy PeLOUSY and the rest of the buttsore leftist democRATic elitist donkeys.

    • Lee Stewart

      Because he had a good bedside manner he should be forgiven? He’s a scumbag, he stole from people in pain, that’s the lowest of the low. He has FIVE kids, think what he’s done to their life. I know him and his wife too and all I can say is karma came and bit them in the ass big time!!!!

      • Support steve

        Why do you say karma bit him. I’ve known him to be a very good pa. I’m seriously asking you, why?

  • Tom DePietro

    I can’t stand when people don’t capitalize the P in my last name. It’s DePietro. Too bad your life wasn’t on auto correct maybe you would matter in this world.

  • Bruno

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    • Mike Hunt

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