Parents Fined for Bullying Children in Western NY City

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WHITE HAVEN -- A new law in a western New York community could send parents to jail if their children are found bullying others, and it is getting a lot of attention.

A woman from North Tonawanda, New York witnessed her son get bullied. She watched him get punched in the face by a classmate. She created a Facebook page that became the first step in getting the law passed for her city, and on October 1, it went into effect.

"Making them accountable will make it so they're not, 'Well, it's not my child.' Yes, it is your child. So now, you either have to do something about it or face a consequence," Jennifer Evans, a mother of three and resident of White Haven said.

The law says that parents could be fined $250 and/or sentenced to 15 days in jail.

"15 days? To me that's a bit surprising," Evans said.

"I'm not really sure how I feel about it. One of the biggest things is we are taking accountability away from the kids. If the kid is going to bully someone, the kid should be accountable for his actions," said White Haven Chief of Police Thomas Szoke.

Evans wonders if a law like that would work in a community like White Haven. All three of her children are cyber-schooled.

"They don't go to school and have those social issues, like the kids who go to public schools. We removed our kids from that so they could just learn and be educated," she said.

The website says that 30 percent of students are bullied in grades 6-12, and it is most common in middle schools. Parents in White Haven say it is not just a problem in big cities, but small towns too.

"We need to make sure the penalties are there so that the kid knows not to punch the other kid in the face. We need to enforce the law that we have," Chief Szoke said.

The attorney for that city in western New York says the purpose of the law is to engage parents in the process and try to work on a solution. Evans likes the idea because bullying is one of the reasons her kids are cyber-schooled.

"I think making them more aware that it's happening and letting them self-reflect on their family life and what could possibly be causing their child to bully will only bake a stronger bond with those children and their parents," Evans said.

According to that new law, parents could face the fine and/or jail time if their child violates the city's curfew or breaks any other city law, including bullying, twice in the course of 90 days.


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  • Irish

    This parent may think her 3 children are getting a good education via cyber school, but boy will they ever have a rough time dealing with the real world once they get older!!!

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    • CeeMe

      How do you know? Lots of cyber-schooled kids, go on to do good things. Lots of kids in regular schools, still can’t cope with certain things and don’t accomplish much. Stop generalizing about people you don’t know.

  • Think Positive

    Maybe people who don’t understand why a kid would want to bully around other kids. Usually the problem does start at home.

    • More than one way to look at a situation

      i agree, the parents have the 1st and foremost control over the child. They tend to learn bully at home. The parents are only fined and/or sentenced to jail if there has been 2 violations within 90 days. If the parents cannot control the problem after the 1st violation – there is a big problem. If a child is not listening to their parents or respecting their parents – then the parents need to step up their game and correct the situation. Fines and jail is a form of strategy to push the parents to take control of their kids.

    • Anonymous

      I can see more kids getting hit, if the parents see the consequences – imagine…a kid is mad at his parents, so he goes and punches another kid to get the parents fined and/or sent to jail.

    • El Ma

      ANONYMOUS, you’ve raised a very valid point. Children do not have the emotional maturity or wisdom to understand the consequences of their actions. They only know what to do to get what they want. Whether it’s pouting or throwing a tantrum for the newest iPhone, or “getting even” with their parents by calling CPS, they don’t “get it” about the long term ramifications of their actions.

      Requiring children to clean up a park, wash the school bathrooms, sweep the gymnasium, or help feed the homeless at a shelter, THESE are the things that they’ll remember. As soon as CPS became involved in every aspect of a child’s life and parents were basically on notice that they’d better NEVER discipline their children and make them “feel bad,” the world went down the tubes in one quick hurry. :-(

  • Think Positive

    It’s good that the system is finally acknowledging the part that the parent plays in the life of the “Bully”. A fine is a really good idea. But hopefully there’s also a “look” into what’s going on inside the home, where the Bully is being raised.

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  • Lord Chesterfield

    The example in the article references punching in the face? Where did this exactly occur outside the classroom after hours? The article is not very specific. Chances are any altercation between children in a community will be between classmates. Is this the school expanding on its ability to legislate out of school behavior? Chief Szoke referenced penalties that need to be there. I’m sure there exists somewhere in the NY crime code some penalty for punching another in the face. I’m having problems digesting the article without fear of loosing lunch. This stinks of vomit.
    The unfortunate conclusion is our society has become so dependent on legislative authority that the freedom our forefathers sacrificed their lives for has been thoughtlessly squandered.

  • Between a rock and hard place

    Now you just have to worry about Children and Youth showing up for disabling your kid to hard.

  • Givemeabreak

    This is simple. You tell your child we don’t start fights but we finish them. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but you have to stand your ground and make the bully remember who he tangled with.

  • El Ma

    I was in school during a time when students were forced to spend their Saturdays performing some kind of service to the community, or the school. One group was required to spend their entire Saturday cleaning the cafeteria. That included the steam tables, the walk-ins……..everything. Those people NEVER forgot why they were there, or what they needed to do to avoid being there.

    There have been, and always will be, bullies and I don’t like it, one bit, but I actually learned how to defend myself when I was a kid. I don’t agree with bullying, one iota. But it is part of the Human Condition, and this idea is absurd on every level.

    • CeeMe

      Well, they don’t make them clean the school or steam tables. They sit in a room. Bullying isn’t the human condition. It is the condition of bullies and other worthless scum.

    • El Ma

      CEEME, I wish that this were something cureable, I really do.

      If we observe nature and pack / herd behaviors, there are always individuals that are at the bottom of the pecking order. I absolutely do not promote, support, or defend bully mentalities – I was beaten up, picked on, and singled out when I was in grade school, and it was dreadful. But, I also learned how to talk my way out of a lot of bad situations and to stand up for myself.

      This idea isn’t sound. Making the BULLY responsible for their actions is the only thing that makes sense. By forcing them to engage in some sort of punitive activity, their time is spent doing something unpleasant that they won’t soon forget. If this approach had been implemented long ago, it could possibly be that some of these 18-35 year old narcissistic creeps might have learned that there are consequences for making really bad choices. That’s all I’m suggesting.

  • Robert

    Those in favor of fines or jail have not thought this threw at all have you. Who is going to charge the student or the parent? A teacher? Principle? Dedicated administrator? The police after a thorough investigation? There are going to be a lot of teachers absent from school being paid as they will be busy in court. No parent is going to accept this, and the hearings are free. You can fight a parking ticket if you like, this would be no different. I would organize a bullying day just to overwhelm the court system to demonstrate the stupidity of this. What about the administrator or teacher’s child that attends the school. They would be empowered to bully at will! This will take neighborhood feuds to new levels. Don’t forget school emails to the teachers, ” You know we are a little short on the budget folks, so fine, fine, fine!”. Na, that would never happen.

  • i quit..


    • Think Positive

      Fighting back is only necessary where there’s a bully. That’s the whole idea behind the new policy, to attempt to stop bullying so there’s no need to have to fight back. But, I’m all for kids knowing how to fight back and defend themselves when necessary. Everybody should know self-defense. I think it should be taught in schools, in gym class.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    You’re way off base, as usual.

    Your attempt at philosophy makes as much sense as Archie’s typical rhetoric.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Then there’s 50 headline news stories right here in wnep every week for the results of each Friday’s scheduled bullying competitions.

    • Givemeabreak

      So now all football players are bullies? Come on man. Sounds like someone had a bad experience with a football player and never got over it. You should have stood up to him.

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