Community Cracks Down on Bullying – Parents Face Fines, Jail Time

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Tonawanda, NY -- A new law in one New York community is getting a lot of attention.  The law holds the parent responsible if their child is caught bullying another, ABC News reports.

A small town mom whose son was violently bullied is turning her heartache into hard-hitting action.

Victoria Crago says her son was ruthlessly attacked by an eighth grade classmate right in front of her.

Crago set up a Facebook Page, calling out pervasive bullying in her town. The incident with her son sparking outrage and prompting local lawmakers to pass a sweeping anti-bullying law that puts pressure squarely on parents.

"The judge could give a fine of up to $250 and or 15 days in jail, but in reality what we're looking for is to engage the parents in the process and try and work on a solution," says Luke Brown.

It's a steep penalty - some say goes too far?

One mom commenting on the Facebook Page, "You can't make parents parent their kid."

The new law is modeled after a similar push to hold parents accountable in Wisconsin.

According to, 28% of students from 6th to 12th grade say they've been bullied. Bullying most common in middle school.

For Crago, the new laws send a clear and critical message: parents will pay the price for their kids bad behavior.

"I met a mother whose son took his life and that is something that can not be happening," says Crago.


  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    It’s a perfect example of government not having the answer to issues. Making stuff up and hope that it works.

  • whatever831

    This world is getting so completely out of hand. Punish the child with volunteer work or cleaning! How does punishing the parent, who isn’t present at the time of the said bullying, going to be punished for it? You want the parents to be involved, fine, make them go to the community service too. This is so pathetic. The following generations are utterly screwed. This world already. Unbelievable.

  • Court

    Good! My son is autistic and cyber schooled. However, NT kids bully him from the bus when he’s outside. The parents refuse to step in, and we had to contact the school. It’s sad when your child isn’t even in school, and still gets bullied and teased for being different!

  • Robert

    But its ok to bully the opposing schools football team isn’t it? Or, will the parents of the winners be fined?
    Perhaps the school is bullying the parents? Morons!

  • Lance

    You can’t make parents parent their kids? What???
    ??????. Heres a suggestion, punish the kids and smack the parents when they say something stupid like the above statement.

  • warningfakenews

    I love it when people in government enact steep penalties including jail time saying all they really want to do is start a conversation… heck, just send the cop to the person’s home and have them put a gun to their head, and tell them to talk. It’s the same exact thing, if you think about it. Talk, or else we will make you talk.

    In California, you can now go to jail for using the wrong pronoun for someone. What’s the correct pronoun? It varies, depending on what someone WANTS to be called. Forget jail, just have the cops go around threatening deadly force.

  • gina

    theres alot of bullying at facebook,,not just by children, facebook needs to crack down on memes that bully people, and they place a persons name on the memes,

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli


    Parents should be able to tell their bullied children to knock the bully’s teeth down his throat.

    Teach the to stand up for themselves.

    But no, modern America here. Let’s blame someone else.

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