Another Arrest, Another Suspect in Violent Scranton Robbery

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SCRANTON — Another man has been arrested and a fourth suspect has been named for a violent robbery earlier this year in Scranton.

Police charged Bryan Keller on Friday with conspiracy to commit robbery and aggravated assault for a robbery in May on Adams Avenue in Scranton.

Police arrested a 17-year-old juvenile and Tyran Dowdell, 30, in June after police said they followed two men leaving a bar and then assaulted and robbed them on Adams Avenue.

One victim suffered a head injury, concussion, and bruised ribs. The second victim needed stitches.

Authorities also issued a warrant for Raheim Rolling, charging him with conspiracy and other related charges.

Anyone with information on where Rolling may be should contact Scranton police at 570-348-4139.


  • III%

    Darnell the outrage is your mother let you survive the first trimester and your father well has anyone seen Darnell’s daddy or is he still incarcerated ?

  • El Ma

    Oh, brother. I can see the NFL players taking a knee for these POS.

    They’re simply misunderstood, right? All of these guys weren’t REALLY robbing the victims and assaulting them, of course. They were obviously attempting to ASSIST the victims and the victims both fell into their fists, feet, and lead pipes after their wallets fell out of their pockets. Right?

    • El Ma

      I don’t hate “them.” I hate the things that people choose to do. I very much dislike how people are made to feel guilty because these poor, underprivileged, uneducated, and unproductive morons make criminal choices, and I’m expected to feel responsible for this because I’m…………………white. I feel a sense of outrage when goons who are paid millions of dollars, each year, to play a game have the audacity to even attempt to use the word, “injustice,” in any sentence.

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