Police: Mother Left Baby Home Alone While She Went Shopping

DUNMORE — A mother is facing child endangerment charges in Lackawanna County.

Police say Karen Robbins, 35, of Dunmore, left a 4-month-old baby alone Saturday for an hour and a half while she went shopping.

At first, Robbins told police her friend was watching the child. Officers say she later admitted leaving the baby home alone.

Robbins has been charged with endangering the welfare of children and recklessly endangering another person.


  • lonnie

    Wasnt there a story a few months ago about a woman who left her little kids alone in the car while she was in a Nanticoke gym? Did she ever get charged? Go to jail? Left alone to keep doing it?

  • Mikayla Fraze

    Why would you ever do that to a four-month old baby alone while you go shopping. If you didn’t want the baby give it to someone who does!!! Useless idiot!!!!! Poor Kid!!!!!!!!

  • III%

    In this society a 17 year old shouldn’t be left home alone what if the Xbox accidentally became unplugged or he/she/trans needed a pb & j who would be there to cater to them ?

  • 😊

    I can’t believe someone would actually leave a 4 month old home alone. What the heck is wrong with people these days? My kids are 9,8 and 7 and I don’t leave them alone. I don’t even leave them in the house alone for more than 10 minutes if I’m outside. Anything can happen. This woman should be charged big time and the baby needs to be placed where he/ she will get the care he/ she needs.

    • warningfakenews

      The child will be placed back with her provided she apologizes enough and pays some hefty fines. Heck, we all know single mothers have lots of cash, the baby won’t be impacted by the fines, right? There are indeed some foster families willing to take in children, but there’s not enough to go around and SOMETIMES children are abused by those who are supposed to be providing safety. There are no easy answers and there IS no such thing as a “perfect parent”. Standards vary wildly between one society and another.

      • In a galaxy far far away

        Since People like this who have high moral values and a high sense of responsibility are usually social service recipients, they will wave the fines! Have some compassion…..she probably ran out of ciggies! You can’t expect her to go all day without smokes. What would she do all day?

      • Trumpisaloser

        Parents are not perfect, but a parent leaving a 4 MONTH old alone is far less perfect than most imperfect parents.

      • 😊

        No there is no such thing as a perfect parent bit c’ Mon, common sense tells you you don’t leave a 4 month home alone for 90 minutes. That’s just stupidity. I don’t care what you want or need to do. My kids go everywhere with me if I don’t have someone to watch them. That’s what it is when you’re a parent. Your kids are your first priority and responsibility. Plain and simple.

      • warningfakenews

        To :-) Emoticon- “My kids are 9,8 and 7 and I don’t leave them alone. I don’t even leave them in the house alone for more than 10 minutes if I’m outside. Anything can happen.” People who live in glass houses…

        3 kids, 10 minutes, you’re outside. “Anything can happen” your words. How long does it take a kid to have a piece of furniture fall on them, burn themselves on a stove, start a fire, etc. There IS no perfect parent and most of us can relate a story or two that would have gotten our own (usually thought of as WONDERFUL) parents arrested- in today’s society.

      • 😊

        Warningfakenews, my kids are old enough to know not to touch the stove and they don’t. I don’t have any furniture that would fall on them. Even if I did it would be anchored to the wall. The point is ya know what forget it cuz you’re too dense to get anything. So just forget it. Imnotlivi g in a glass house. If I am out side it’s to get the mail so get a life and a a nice day butt head!

      • warningfakenews

        Personal insults aside, it’s a matter of degree. 10 minutes isn’t defensible to many folks who would argue that an hour and a half was an arrest-worthy offense. It’s only a different spot on the same spectrum. Is 11 minutes OK? What about 15? People have been charged for neglect for LESS time than 10 minutes, not saying whether that was justified or not, just stating a fact.

      • 😊

        It’s not neglect when I’m at my home right outside getting the mail or smoking a cigarette on my front porch. To just leave the house completely with no supervision at all that is neglect. That’s the point.

    • renee gillis

      These women I just do not get!~ My “kids” are 28 and 22, and I still worry in the back of my mind just about everyday! my 28 year old son is on his own in his own house, my 22 year old daughter is a college student that lives at home. The articles I read in the news about how children are being abused, neglected ect. are so sad. A child’s life doesn’t seem to matter to a lot of these so called “moms”.

  • Osbourne White

    look it, they call it the honor system for a reason. How else is she going to know if she could trust the kid or not, the kid has had 4 months to realize how this crap world works; cut the cord. the kid should be out there looking for work to help support the household, not just laying around, drinking, crappin on themself. Enough is enough. Clearly this woman did the right thing, people just have a hard time seeing that.

  • Brittney!

    What a shame! I got a two year old son and a 1 month old daughter. He will cry in the store.. if he doesn’t get his way.. and she will start crying if she is hungry. It gets frustrating at times. But I would never leave my children out in the car! My children are my world! Some people shouldn’t be mothers!

  • Lucifer

    Dear God a 4 month old baby is easy in tow!!! Wait until they’re a tantrum stricken screaming toddler…. what would she have done then?! #notparentmaterial

  • warningfakenews

    Apparently, the part of the story which would have clued us in on why the police decided to strike up this conversation about her baby wasn’t relevant. While I’m no fan of neglect, it should be pointed out that cops have conversations with people with one purpose in mind, to find out what they can charge you with. This case appears to be a self-inflicted injury.

  • JD

    Children are not pets! And “home alone” was just a movie series! You’re not supposed to imitate “fiction!” Are people really that stupid, or is there something in the water, air, food supply? Or did somebody take a dump in the gene pool!

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