Campers Brave Rainy Holiday

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- Mother Nature was not kind to campers at Tobyhanna State Park on this rainy Columbus Day.

Many of the campsites were covered in tarps with campers doing their best to stay dry.  Even the dogs had on raincoats.

"I'm not really liking it today, but we've got it set up that I think is working and we decided to tough it out," said Helen Colvin, Philadelphia.

The campsite was busy for most of the long holiday weekend, but many campers left early to beat the rain.

Eric Aschenbrenner says he and his family will brave the rain for a few more hours before heading back to Manhattan.

"This typically happens on a three-day weekend. You see everyone is crammed in here and then the rain comes in and everyone scatters. Some of the die-hard people are hanging out. We are one of them. We have a tent camper down here, and he is buckled in pretty good so no worries. We are good to go," said Aschenbrenner.

People who spent the holiday weekend at Tobyhanna State Park tell Newswatch 16 they can deal with a little bit of rain. Some have even learned some new tricks on how to stay dry.

"Well, we have camped in the freezing cold. We have camped in the extreme wind, and now we are camping in very heavy rain. So each environmental event teaches us something about how to tarp, how to lay our bedding, what not to do, how to prepare so it's all good," said Cindy Williams of Philadelphia.

The group from Philadelphia was on a girls camping trip. They were thankful the weather held up throughout the weekend.

"It's our last day so we will just nap and read," said Colvin.

Park rangers tell Newswatch 16 Columbus Day weekend is one of the last busy weekends for camping in state parks.


  • Mike Hunt

    Such bravery they showed….that rain came down like hellfire…how did they even make it the whole day??

    • Helen Colvin

      Thank you. We used a lot of tarps and even a tablecloth, strategically placed, to block the wind and rain. We wanted to see if we could survive a nasty day. We did!

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