Richard Gere Comes Home to Help Susquehanna County Movie Theater

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MONTROSE -- Actor Richard Gere was in our area to help raise money for a movie theater in Susquehanna County that is in need of repairs.

Gere would be the first person to tell you that he's a busy man. The actor was in town to introduce the movie "Pretty Woman" at Montrose Area High School for the film festival just outside of Montrose. It's all to raise money for the Montrose Movie Theatre marquee where his parents used to hang out when they were younger.

"They have known each other since they were teenagers. My mom just died last year, but she was 91. She had an incredible life. My dad is 95, and they went to this movie theater," Gere explained.

Gere's parents were raised and married in Brooklyn, Pennsylvania, just south of Montrose.

Although Gere did not grow up in Susquehanna County, he did spend time in Brooklyn growing up. He still has family living in Susquehanna County, including a cousin, WNEP photographer Michael Erat.

He visits home often, so when his family asked him to help the theater, he said he was happy to help.

"Small town theaters all over the country are struggling right now. People don't leave their houses anymore for movies. They watch them at home, but there's something about going to the cinema," Gere said.

Walking or driving through Public Avenue, the marquee is one of the first things you'll see. That's why Montrose Restoration Committee wanted to update it to bring people to the theater.

"It's the only working theater in Susquehanna County and it saves people from having to drive a half hour or 45 to see a movie," said April Holgate of Montrose.

Gere hopes by preserving the theater, it could help the next rising star from our area.

"Maybe if I can inspire some younger people who came from a small town like this that maybe their dreams are possible, I think that's a good thing," he said.

The film festival runs through Monday.

Web Exclusive Video:

While Richard Gere never lived in Susquehanna County, his parents were raised and married there.

He visits from time to time and spoke to Newswatch 16 about the small town values he still tries to carry  with him in his life.



  • Tom D

    People perusing these comments (including you Richard Gere, if you’re reading), please understand, the vast majority of NEPA folks are good, warmhearted, empathetic souls who do not look for every opportunity to spew venom. You may arrive at that conclusion after reading all the comments, but I swear, they do not accurately represent the fine people of NEPA. That said, Richard Gere is a deeply spiritual, highly successful artist with an incredible history of humanitarian activism. He was born in Philadelphia but his parents spent time in Susquehanna County and to honor them he’s going out of his way to help restore an old movie theater. He’s a good man, and his selfless willingness to help out should be lauded.

  • P O R N S T A R

    Any of the little ones watching pretty woman wouldn’t even be able to tell he’s the actor in it! Lmao

  • PP

    My God, can’t anyone just see this as a good thing? It is doing good in a small town using a well known actor. If he is gay, or leftist, or just wealthy, who cares!!! He is not preaching any of what you are calling him, he is just supporting a Susquehanna County movie theater. Please let people live!!! Stop this HATE you spew against everyone and anyone!!!
    Written by a PRO GUN, right/ republican /anti Hillary/ heterosexual male, who most of you may know and like.

  • Louis

    He was born in filthydelphia not Montrose! Couldn’t get a story straight if someone spelled it out for you

  • Louis

    Headline says “Richard Gere comes home” he’s not from there! His parents swapped spit a few times there that’s all!

  • Pat O'Mally

    Cindy Crawford’ was so beautiful next to Kevin Costner in that movie. I could watch Pretty a dozen times.

  • tom

    Maybe if Richard Gere and all the rest of his liberal / socialist Hollywood buddies wouldn’t demonize all the rest of the population maybe more people would spend their money to see a movie. I for one refuse to give any of these individuals the money I work for

  • Sweeney

    The hookers I meet in Susquehanna County would be just like Julia if they all didn’t have meth problems. One can olny dream.

  • magicmikexxsm

    I didn’t know Gere was from Pa…wow…he’s okay, for a liberal he keeps his mouth shut for the most part, not like most of their actors/actresses…Pretty Woman every mans dream to hire a drop dead gorgeous hooker, then marry her..
    With all the money he has, he could write them a check for a million or 2 …can you say tax right off Rich…..

    • Givemeabreak

      All men want to marry a hooker? Is it possible for you to make a comment without generalizing any group of people?

      You should probably go to a doctor to get checked out too. While your there have him stick his head up your arse to take a look at your head too.

      • magicmikexxsm

        GIVEMEABREAK…who said a pi$$ ant like you could respond to me???? next time request first to see if I want to see what drivel you have to say…what a dilbert it’s a joke , no wonder you voted for Hillary

  • L.A. Seven Mary 3 and 4

    Well, I’m just glad they picked a wholesome movie like Pretty Woman, starring richard Gere, to show at Montrose Area High School. I’m sure a lot of young girls had some questions on the way home tonight for mom and dad, mom and mom, dad and dad, mom and trans mom, mom and trans dad, dad and trans mom, or any other new normal combo I may have missed.

    • JP

      Your the arse. Keep the older theaters going. Seeing the classics on the big screen is so much better than on TV.
      Thanks Richard for helping out.

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