Mother Facing Child Endangerment Charges

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SCRANTON -- A mother faces child endangerment charges after police in Scranton say she failed to take her infant daughter to the hospital after the girl was badly burned.

Investigators say Jasmin Rodgers, 21, of Scranton was bathing the 4-month-old girl when she accidentally turned on the hot water.

The infant suffered second- and third-degree burns to her stomach, groin area, and thighs.

Police say Rodgers didn't take the baby to a hospital for two weeks because she was afraid Children and Youth would take her away.


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  • DJB

    Another example of narcissism so rampant in our society. Her concern was more for herself than for her child’s welfare and getting the baby to a hospital. Twisted priorities/values. Me. Me. Me.

  • El Ma

    Wonder if she went to the Nzinga School Of Motherhood. Some people really, really shouldn’t produce offspring, even if they have the ability to.

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  • JP

    Father ? She most likely does know who it is or he was too busy hangin with his hommies playing video games.

  • CeeMe

    Why do idiots always end up with children? So she was afraid C&Y would take her kid away? If it was an accident, why be afraid? They’re likely involved now.

  • Think Positive

    She shouldn’t be allowed around children if she can’t bath them without burning them. That water would have to be running for a while for the child to get such sever burns. Sadly, the child will most likely stay in the care of this incompetent woman-child.

    • JP

      Your right, it takes a much time to get water to a scalding temp. Most people I know who have kids have scald settings on the faucets and heaters to prevent scalding. Why was this able to happen? Hate to say it but if she is in a rental there could be a lawsuit. I also agree that if she had nothing to hide then 911 should have been called. I’m sure she must of had run in’s with children and youth before.

  • laura

    if this was a case of accidental burning while bathing by just turning the hot water on the burns would be on the body parts closest to it – which would either the feet and calves or the buttocks if the child was sitting facing away from the tap. not thighs, belly and groin. possibly even the head if the child was lying down with the head toward the faucet but not the parts that were burned. this seems very intentional. add to that it’s not normal for a parent to withhold care for an accident because children and youth might take their baby – abusers think that way not parents whose kid had an accidental injury

    • West Side Love

      I agree with you 100% !! I am a mother of 3, and boy do accidents happen…Children and Youth are not the first thought in my mind..I’m running to the 1st Aid Kit, and heading to the hospital…..If she brought the baby sooner, maybe there would not be any charges.. It’s a weird situation… Are we happy she waited to take the baby, so that a case would be brought against her in case it was intentional…?? It’s really honestly sad. As a young mother myself, I am so embarrassed when I read some of these stories…I mean Geez, I am so in love with the babies…until about 12 years old (lol when their little attitudes pop out like a zit) I couldn’t think of even raising my voice…. They are little babbbbbies.. IDK. I feel bad for them both.. She was prob. so in love when she popped the baby out…what changes??? :(

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