Teachers Train in Active-Shooter Scenarios

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LEHMAN TOWNSHIP -- Teachers got a glimpse of what it's like to be in a dangerous situation with a gunman inside the school.

Staff at Lake-Lehman School District found out you can’t wait for a hero.

“It’s no longer just hide yourself underneath a desk, but trap yourself, get yourself out of a bad scenario,” Assistant Principal at Lake-Lehman High School Matt Nonnenberg said.

Because these situations can happen anywhere, Lehman Township was proactive and paid for the presentation by Alice Training Institute. Alice is an acronym for exactly what staff need to do in these situations: alert, lockdown, inform, counter, and evacuate.

Teachers and emergency responders said the class was invaluable.

“Things like this have happened already in small towns where people said it's not going to happen here... It’s a good thing that the school has put something on like this so people are aware of it,” Lehman Township Patrolman Harold Cain said.

Trainer Brandon Rhone showed the crowd one of the best ways to protect yourself is to build a barricade. Using whatever is available to them, teachers need to stockpile chairs and tables against the door and then wrap them together with cords and belts to strengthen it.

He also showed the crowd how to take a gunman down. He said first someone needs to get the gun away from the shooter. Then a group of people need to take both of the gunman’s arms and lay the person flat on the ground.

“80% of the time these things do not end until an aggressive action is taken, which means somebody has to do something,” Rhone said.

The district, emergency responders, and trainers keep an ongoing relationship, even after the presentation is done.

To learn more about Alice, click here.



    Thank god they never did this in the 90s when i was in high school. Most of my teachers came to school drunk!

    • Rusty Emu

      Now theyre stoned on opiods or muscle relaxers Teachers cant even get their classrooms under control How will the be effective in this kind of situation

  • Givemeabreak

    It’s like the old saying bringing a knife to a gun fight but without the knife. These teachers aren’t teachers because of there physical prowess. A Marine Corps vet on school grounds with active shooter training in a school environment at all time IMO would be a better solution.

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