Homicide Investigation after Woman Found Dead in Mount Carmel

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MOUNT CARMEL -- Police in Northumberland County are investigating a homicide after a woman's body was found in her own backyard under an open second-floor window in Mount Carmel.

Now, police say her boyfriend is a "person of interest" in the case.

“I love Penny,” said Robert Thurner who appeared to be crying as he left the Mount Carmel Police Department and was led away to be locked up on a probation charge.

This came hours after his girlfriend, Penny Mansfield, 38, was found dead in the backyard of their house on West Second Street in Mount Carmel after police and EMT’s responded for a report of cardiac arrest around 7:30 Friday morning.

“My husband and I were actually away for a few days and we came back and the whole street was quarantined off by the police,” said neighbor Helen Homolovich.

Police say Mansfield`s body was found beneath an open second-floor window.

She had head injuries and blood was on her face and clothes and they are calling this a homicide investigation.

Inside the home, officers found Mansfield's three-year-old son and Thurner, the boy's father.

According to a search warrant, neighbors told police they heard yelling that started the night before and that the yelling continued on and off through the night.

Investigators suspect domestic violence may be involved.

“There have been situations at that house before so it's not a humongous shock but it's still shocking because it's very close, very close to home,” said Homolovich.

“There was always that possibility of this happening, just to see it actually happen, well not see it but,” said Homolovich’s son, Robert.

The Mount Carmel Police Chief says Thurner has not been charged in this investigation but is a person of interest and the chief says the couple is known to law enforcement.

“We've had prior calls there,” said Chief Christopher Buhey.

Because Northumberland County still does not have a prison, Thurner is being held at the Columbia County Prison.

An autopsy for Mansfield is set for Monday.


  • Pugh

    At least Dennis Barker is locked up. Pedo roamer of the boldest kind. Two finger jerker. Captain Kane sould message him on facebook

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Why are there 50 high school football headline stories every week?

    Who cares?!?!

    Put them under one headline.

    • Tinytom

      Nepa is now a division 3 recruiting factory. The football is terrible here anymore especially in the coal region. D2 Lock haven too good to even recruit players here anymore. The young get big heads from all the press and then what? and for many the drugs follow.

  • Stop the Violence

    Seeing that Mansfield was out on bail awaiting trial we need to have our law changes that no matter what victims say until the outcome of trial a mandatory PFA is issued involving any acts of violence maybe this tragedy could have been avoided. Now a three year who experienced three years of parents fighting drug abuse alcohol abuse is parent less. Hopefully she can recover from the horrible things she had to endure and Mr. Thurner is able to get help.

    • jamielee426

      Trial was over past Monday..Those charges were made up by him. To keep her quiet and hold her son against her..and proven too be untrue..She did not harm him..He was a manipulative abusive bastard..Holding her hostage..He knew as soon as she beat the charges ..she was leaving..I don’t care what drugs he was on or used and the mental games he pulled; off drugs and on..Is the mind of a serial killer..He confessed and I hope he rots. But of course he will have something up his sleeve. I am glad the police are waiting to charge him untill after autopsy on Monday..So all evidence adds up and all charges finally will put him away..

  • Smh

    If mc police would take domestic violence seriously, then this wouldn’t happen. All police in Northumberland county are a joke!! They NEVER do a thing about domestic violence!!

    • SMH_too

      Police can’t do anything if the women keep hanging with the monsters who abuse them. He should’ve been no where near her or their kid. These men DO NOT CHANGE! My cousin finally got herself away from her abusive husband after 25 yrs. and was moving on with her life. He didn’t like that, began stalking her, and finally lay in wait and murdered her. Even when you get away, you’re not safe from the monster.

      • lester

        These women do not change either. both sexes tend to flock to the wrong kind, over and over. beating after beating, fight after fight. guy or girl, dont matter, always the same. Its a culture thing, or lack of. Socioty has had this forever. Ive seen many phyisically and some mentally abusive guys, but they are dwarfed by the mentally abusive women. Guys hide it more

      • Stop the Violence

        She was a drug user who was out on bail for stabbing him in 2016. Not taking sides here but I bet they both are to blame for this tragedy.

  • Trash!

    Good ole Mt. Carmel! Poor guy was probably getting ready to go to the Mt. Carmel football game! Trash that town is trash! Just like Shamokin, and Berwick! Lucky I never ever lived in those shitty towns and never will!

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