President Trump to Visit Harrisburg Next Week

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HARRISBURG — President Trump is scheduled to visit Pennsylvania’s state capitol next week.

The White House Press Secretary announced Friday afternoon the President is coming to Harrisburg on Wednesday to talk about his tax plan.

So far, no other details have been released about the presidential visit.




  • Tom

    Listen NEPA, if Trump has his way and his tax plan goes into effect, the huge amount of money lost from the estate tax will have to be made up in other ways. The poor can’t afford it so once again the middle class will pay. It’s a classic bait and switch, pretty much the only thing Trump is good at. Please pay close attention. And this goes doubly for you people who are still Trump supporters after the past eight months of chaos, immorality, lying, bigotry and craziness. Time to come out of your trance. If you want to support Trump as he plays golf, ruins international relations, ratchets up tensions on the Korean peninsula and in the Middle East, and pretty much destroys everything in this country that took years to build, so be it, but do you really want to pay more so Trump and his cronies could get wealthier? Come on. How many times are you going to buy the same bridge??

    • 😊

      Go on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural and order Jonathon Cahn’s book paradigm. Read that. It’s going to explain everything that has been going on and what President Trump is going to do. Can’t wait to get mine and read it!!

    • Givemeabreak

      I don’t see why people should be paying tax on money they already paid tax on. We pay enough already. Politicians need to stop wasting it.

      • Tom

        I agree, wholeheartedly, but most (like 60%) of this income is unrealized capital gain income never taxed. Its more complicated than you think. Lots of taxes are levied because of loopholes exploited by folks like Trump.

  • lookback

    Moronpalooza will be the largest gathering ever, period, drool towels will be provided upon entry, those watching from home must get their own barf bags.

    • I`ve seen it all

      No, Obama did it eloquently and you liberal morons bought all of it. Divided the young against the old by taking seven hundred and fifty billion out of Medical and putting it into medicare for the poor while the elderly stand on street corners with signs to save their Obama care, divided rich against the poor with the demonstrations of the one percent, divided black against white his whole time in office with many racial investigations by the Justice Dept. inciting riots and hate and did not convict or find fault with one, no not even one cop or mayor or anyone else after racially mixed juries verdicts , used the FBI, Justice Dept. and the IRS to his own personal political agendas and advantages targeting people who did not support his agenda and severely divided the political parties demonizing Republicans and blaming everyone but himself, like Clinton is doing now, for everything that went wrong, (bankrupt solar energy companies he invested billions of taxpayer dollars into) high jobless rates and low dollar values he blamed on Japan and Bush even years after he was elected, while he got the failed worthless and now broke Obama care through without a single Republican vote, a plan no one can now afford with insurance companies dropping out the market at a record pace around the Country and is in the process of imploding. Obama was schooled by the best Harvard socialists, Soros oriented educators money can buy and had one of the most corrupt administrations in my lifetime. Divide and conquer as old as the Roman Empire did, while he pardons and releases a U.S. traitor, a Puerto Rican terrorist serving 50+ years all the while letting Clinton run around the world using the State Department to sell off the Country and making deals so she can get elected. Liberals are the stupidest, most uninformed and ignorant people I have ever seen not to mention full of hate that was on full display after having lost the election and still is and who continue to work hard to destroy themselves and their Country and blame Pres. Trump for everything and everything and things they don`t even understand. Unbelievable . You can`t make this up.

      • Givemeabreak

        You realize Trump uses divide and conquer too? People like you are part of the problem. “Liberals are the stupidest, most uninformed and ignorant people I have ever seen .”
        You generalize groups of people just like Clinton generalized all republicans as deplorables. Some liberals are dumb and some republicans are deplorables.
        You are just the opposite side of the same coin. Indoctrinated extreme party fanatics are destroying this country. The far right and the far left.
        Your hate has left you blind.
        Also divide and conquer is older than Juluis Ceasar and Rome.

      • I`ve seen it all

        benzodiazapines. Is used for alcohol withdrawal and is currently being tested on liberals for psychotic panic attacks and breakdowns after loosing the election. Hope it works.

  • Draft dodger don

    My tax plan does help me ” liar . The Estate tax is only for the richest….like him. He kills it

    • JD

      The estate tax brings in less than 1 per cent of federal revenue. Most people don’t pay estate tax. The “rich” people are already paying 30 some per cent income tax. It’s only fair that for all of their good fortune, they should be allowed to pass it on to their heirs, tax free! There shouldn’t be an estate tax for anybody! Cut the Federal spending for bull crap studies that don’t make this country better. Like, who cares what an animal does when it sees its reflection in a friggin mirror? Cut the nonsense spending, and they’ll save way more than what they might lose over “estate tax income!”

  • Tom

    Everyone in Pennsylvania should be embarrassed over the fact that Trump is coming to Harrisburg to sell his tax plan, which is simply a tax cut for the ultra rich. Hustlers look for easy marks and this is no exception.

    • I`ve seen it all

      You haven`t even read the plan how, could you it`s not even finished yet. It is still being worked in the Senate, then goes to the House where more changes will be made. Spread your hate somewhere else moran, only the stupid and uninformed buy what your peddling like the elderly did when Obama took 750 billion out of Medicare and put it into Medicaid for the poor. The CDC really ought to investigate the rampant stupidity in this Country that seems to be attached to the liberal mind set.

      • I`ve seen it all

        Tom. You can freak out over a misspelled word but at least I am not in denial. It is typical though, the truth could be proven in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt and you liberals would still claim they are all innocent “never did anything wrong” and besides “what difference does it make?”. Clever come back albeit a full demonstration of denial of facts, common trait among liberals although I am surprised you did not try to spin it all, also a common trait.

    • HADenoughofALL

      And the snowflakes on the right have a meltdown about kneeling. You are all a bunch of whiners just like the snowflakes on the left.

  • tbills

    Same old story…when Donnie feels down he comes to the soft states to boost his ego. Yawn and i wonder how many people will show up.

    • Smiling

      Would you rather try to explain the billions Obamacare has wasted and the trillions it’s gonna cost in the future? You liberals are one in the same! 3900 deaths in Chicago in obamas last six years in office and no pleas for gun control? Get real

      • Givemeabreak

        A lot has been wasted on the Affordable Care Act. A lot has been wasted on Medicare and the VA too. When is someone going to do something about regulating the cost of healthcare? Meds shouldn’t be more than a mortgage payment.
        I will tell you why. It’s because the politicians are in bed with the healthcare industry and they have no problem selling us out. Your precious heroes on the right along with the left are equally guilty.

    • I`ve seen it all

      How could you know that it`s not even finished being worked yet but I can guarantee if the Democrats have their way there won`t be cuts for anybody. They only know how to tax and spend while the snowflakes stand around with their hands out.

      • Tom

        Border wall = hundreds of billions. Trump/Cabinet travel = tens of millions. Trump’s weekly golfing excursions = 75,000,000. Money well spent? That could provide healthcare for the country for 2 years. You’re angry about fire and you support an arsonist.

      • I`ve seen it all

        Since your pretty good with figures, how about a comparison with the constant vacations of Obama like the Hawaii, Martha Vineyard, South American trips while the rest of the time flying all around the Country to raise money or sell his agenda. I guess you can pick and choose and spin with the rest of the liberals. How about all the money wasted on favored computer companies that screwed up Obama care so bad no one could register for it and the money wasted on the Justice Dept. to investigate perceived racially motivated shootings and cam up empty handed and the trips to South America every time Michelle the Mooch got depressed. I could go on and list a whole third of the Federal budget spent by this bum and his administration but why, your in denial and do what all liberals do attack the messenger and ignore the truth of the message.

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