Not Guilty Verdicts in Monroe County Beating

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STROUDSBURG -- The verdict is not guilty at an attempted homicide trial in Monroe County.

The jury acquitted two men of a brutal beating Friday afternoon.

Police claimed Dy'shawn Mack of Stroudsburg and Malik Clark punched and kicked Frankie Lomuscio at a party in East Stroudsburg in July of 2014.

But a jury in Monroe County decided that both defendants are not guilty on all counts.



  • Anon

    A lot of people on hereTalking bad about him but they don’t even know the actual story. The guy who said it was these two men was intoxicated at the time, it was dark in the house, and he didn’t identify them until the next day on Facebook. Not to mention the man’s story about what happened changed frequently. If you read the Pocono record article that talks about their acquittal, you would know a little more info on the background of this case.

  • CeeMe

    How can this be, when a man was beaten into a coma and sustained a traumatic brain injury? No one is responsible, is just ridiculous, and of course, the story is short on details. I wouldn’t care if I got $5 from them, I’d sue them civilly. Just sickening.

  • El Ma

    So, this happened in 2014. And, the trial was just concluded? Must’ve been one HECK of a pile of evidence to sort through……

  • warningfakenews

    No, these things rarely bring that to mind in the newsroom. They are incurious. They put out the bait (the program) to get eyeballs for the commercials. If the bait does the job of doing that, no need to provide details, even if they promised them.

  • Fredric

    This has little meat on it. They were acquitted. The people of Monroe County just lost about $250,000 in court court and a law suit for damages.

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