Employee Brings Gun to School After Threatening Message at School

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LOYALSOCK TOWNSHIP -- An employee brought a gun to school one day after an elementary school in Lycoming County received a threatening voice mail.

"We were not in any imminent danger the state police went directly to the person's home we had the information of who made the phone call,” said Suzanne Foresman.

The principal at Donald E. Shick Elementary School, Suzanne Foresman is talking about the phone call police say a man from South Williamsport made to her school.

81-year-old Lawrence Stabler has been charged with terroristic threats. He's accused of leaving a threatening voice mail on the school's absentee phone line this week. Court papers say Stabler left an explicit message saying in part:

"I’m going to find out what your  ___ address is, and believe me, three sticks of dynamite will get rid of you and all your ____ bull  ... "

In court, Stabler said he didn't mean to call the school.

He says someone was calling and harassing him. When he tried to call that person back he must have called the school by mistake.

"When I received the message it was something that we take very seriously regardless of whether it was towards the school or not towards the school," said Foresman.

Within an hour of  hearing the voicemail school officials tell us they contacted parents throughout the district, but some parents like John Shannon didn't get the call right away

"I don't feel safe with her going to school and thank God I didn't because a teacher bringing a weapon to school today," said John Shannon.

Less than a day after the threat school officials had to call parents again.

"After last night’s situation, we had an employee this morning who brought a gun to school. He stated that it was for his own personal protection,” said Superintendent Gerald McLaughlin.

"I would say that's a darn fool of them because we're, kids are supposed to be innocent," said Paityn Shannon.

"I'm appalled by it, and I'm actually not sending my child back to school. I'm going to homeschool my child because of this because you can't trust this world anymore," said Shannon.

School officials say the employee has been suspended. Police do not plan on filing charges against that employee.



  • Kathryn

    My heart goes out to the 81 year old gentleman. Somebody is harrassing him. The call came in and it took 3 hours for the school to hear it! I could understand all the charges against him if he stated clearly, that he was going to blow up the school and kill everybody, but that wasn’t the case. It sickens me to think of that 81 year old man in prison. Why wouldn’t the police search his phone records and arrest the jerks that are harrassing him? No respect for our elderly seniors, and surely no compassion. He made an honest mistake and owned up to it! When they arrested him, did they find dynamite or any weapons in his home? NO!!!!! But an employee bring a gun into the school and no charges are filed? Hypocrites! Depending on the article you read, Lawrence Stablers bail is $25,000 on some $250,000 on others. I would bail him out in a minute and allow him to live with my family, because after all this, he will never have peace of mind again, and at his age of 81 breaks my heart!

  • Clint Wirth

    i feel sorry for these kids. These parents are “bubblewrapping” them just because something but MIGHT happen….There are bad things everywhere everyday, you could walk out of our house and an airplane could fall on your head……..”bubblewrapping” and “coddling” is not the answer though

  • Robert

    My child is not in school yet but will be in 3 more years . Need to find a way to have her home schooled, sending her off to any “gun free zone” makes me quite anxious.

    • El Ma

      The way to home school a child requires that one parent gives up their employment, the family sacrifices some of the “luxuries,” and both parents involve themselves in the process.

      Contemplate how much is spent on day care, alone. Then, contemplate how much is spent on other things like cabel/satellite, cell phones, etc., and it is 100% feasible to home school and live within our means. And, the money saved can be used for interesting field trips, etc. DO IT. Because public “education” is a misnomer. It should be, “public indoctrination,” instead.

  • Taco Salad

    What good are laws if the Keystone Cops can pick and choose which ones they enforce?!
    They are not filing charges against a person who actually brought a weapon to an elementary school- but are going balls deep on an 81 year old who got confused and was never on the property?
    Personal opinions on the law aside- this is corrupt policing.

  • Terry

    What are you talking about? What does having a background check have to do with this. They didnt shoot someone. Perhaps they had a concealed gun carry permit.

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