Man Arrested After Threatening to Blow Up an Elementary School

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LOYALSOCK TOWNSHIP -- A man is charged with threatening to blow up a school in Lycoming County.

Lawrence Stabler, 81, a veteran and former college professor was arrested Thursday night.

Stabler was charged after leaving a threatening message on the answering machine at Donald E. Shick Elementary School in Loyalsock Township earlier on Thursday.

Police say Stabler admitted he made the call.

Stabler told police he was receiving threatening calls and accidentally called the school when he tried to call the number back.

Stabler is locked up in Lycoming County on $25,000 bail.


  • Keystone Kops

    Have the PA State Police ever heard of caller ID spoofing?

    That’s why the old guy thought the calls were from the school number.

    They can make the ID display whatever they want. They can show the school’s number without showing the schools name.

  • Missy

    Please reread the article. It seems he didn’t mean to make threats to a school. He meant to call back another number. Probably one of those scammers who try to take advantage of the elderly.

    • Noneyo

      You really believe he accidentally called the school? Of course he is not going to be honest. He doesn’t want to get in trouble.

      • warningfakenews

        Only an idiot of a DA would ever allow this to go to trial. An 81 year old man, admitting confusion and the act itself, just about the best they could hope for is that the man would be found incompetent to stand for trial.

  • mmhmm

    Some may find your comment inappropriate. I, on the other hand, absolutely agree. Hellllloooo officer, frisk me please!

    • El Ma

      Completely different scenario, SMILING. This guy was obviously having a tough day.

      Paddock, on the other hand, gave absolutely no indication that he was going off his rails. And, hotel staff apparently didn’t notice that Paddock was lugging in very heavy baggage containing the firearms and ammo. Those things would have weighed a substantial amount.

      So, off you go, SMILING.

  • Jennifer Gibson

    For the record the parents were not immediately notified. We received a very vague message a little before 4pm.

    • Joe Pulizzi

      The message sent out to the parents was very vague. I realize that this may not have been an imminent or even legitimate threat, but parents need to be well informed any time there are police responding to our children’s schools for a threat. I understand that they did not want to create an environment of panic, however, the message that they sent out created an opportunity for parents imaginations to get the better of them. I am sure that the police and staff had the situation completely under control and that safety was never an issue for our children, but as a parent of a child attending that campus, I would have liked a little more information or at least an update after the first message.

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