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Addressing the Topic of Gun Control Locally

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PITTSTON -- Following the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas that left more than 500 people injured and 59 dead, the topic of gun control has rapidly picked up. The opinions vary from those in favor of stricter gun laws to the issue of mental health.

"What I'm talking about tonight isn't about gun control. It's about common sense. Common says no good will come from allowing a person to have weapons that can take down 527 Americans at a concert. Common sense says: You don`t allow those, who suffer from mental illness buy guns," said Jimmy Kimmel.

Jimmy Kimmel was passionate in his advocacy for stricter gun laws on his show on October 2.

The mass shooting in Las Vegas is sparking heated debates about gun control laws in America.

The viewpoints concerning the topic are wide-ranging.

Folks at Advanced Arms, LLC near Pittston sounded off on the issue.

"Some of the things that they're calling for are a little ridiculous because high capacity magazines do not kill. Bump fire stocks do not kill. Neither does a firearm. It takes a person behind that firearm to kill people," said Myron Zawoiski, U.S. Air Force Veteran.

"The laws that are in effect are very effective. If bad guys are prosecuted when they attempt to buy a firearm unlawfully, that`s a step in the right direction. But we need to figure out how we couple mental health and stop people that maybe are too much of a risk," said Christopher Scoda, general manager of Advanced Arms, LLC.

Newswatch 16 received several statements from congressmen on the issue.

Representative Lou Barletta says he will always believe in the Second Amendment.

Senator Bob Casey calls for a ban on military-style weapons.

Senator Pat Toomey is in favor of expanding background checks for the purchasing of firearms.

As for the debate over bump stocks, Advanced Arms has never sold them.

"We're always about accuracy, safety, properly aiming the weapon, so it really didn't fit what we're about as a company," said Scoda.


  • whatever831

    Look up Jim Jefferies “gun control” skit. It’s funny, but so true in my opinion! Especially the guy that called talkback16 and spoke of protecting his family, there’s a part in there for you too!

  • III%

    Bump firing began by using your finger and the recoil of the firearm so do we also ban human fingers ? I grew up in a gun shop my parents owned and lived around guns my entire life never once have I seen a firearm jump up and kill anyone it takes a human behind it. Now let’s address this mental health issue who isn’t in somehow someway depressed just the biased crap from the media is enough to depress the crap out of anybody police officer have to be depressed seeing all the crap they see day in and day out let’s just give them batons from now on. Basically what the problem is are these politicians and the people who want us the American citizens to live in their snowflake utopian world’s where all people of all races live in harmony with all the animals they don’t want us to hunt. Guess what people it isn’t going to happen not today or tomorrow it will never happen so send in the government stormtroopers take the guns or at least the ones you can find and we just reversed evolution because we are back to defending ourselves with sticks and rocks. So you people continue to be the sheep and I’ll continue on being the wolf in this perfect snowflake utopian world these people so desperately want

    • Robert

      You don’t even need a finger, just a plywood square with a dowel. Hold on though! Works with a 1911 as well.
      Really hard on the pistol though, not recommended.

  • Dave

    79% of people in the US Don’t own a gun..Of the 21% that do I would imagine that the number that own Semi automatic guns would be less than 1% of the 21%..In Pa the people who don’t own guns is even higher. The only reason to even have an AR15 or anything similar is either your a show off who maybe gets off on it or you want it to kill as many people as you can because your nuts. I wonder how many of you are aware that Congress Passed 2 laws recently.One lets mentally ill people buy a gun if they can prove they are better now. What about relapses. 2. The other bill was to make silencers legal.. What’s up with that crazy Idea? So what I am getting at is for the 21% to shut your trap because you’re out numbered. So take a back seat.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      21%? Where’d you get that statistic?

      Almost everyone I know owns guns. Is the 21% isolated in NEPA?

      • Dave

        Look it up mr…Your on the internet all day..Educate yourself instead of putting down everybody else’s opinions.

    • Mike Q

      Congress did NOT pass a law making silencers legal. The bill to remove suppressors from the NFA registry was shelved indefinitely. BTW suppressors are legal in 42 states if you do the NFA transfer paperwork.

    • Lord Chesterfield

      Roflmao, your nuts and your numbers are even worse. How does anybody know how many people in PA own guns? You mean purchased guns since records were kept? We have a lot of WW2 vets here with loads of operational firearms that have been passed down. We have Korean war vets, Vietnam vets many others that have never purchased a fire arm but own them. Another indicator that you have no clue what your talking about is the mention of AR like its some type of magical firearm. Its a semi auto that’s all. Which rates performs as a 2nd fire arm in terms of power to the Springfield, Browning Automatic, M1 Garand all WW 2 rifles. The Thompson submachine gun is pre WW2 and there are plenty of those around as well. Your ignorance of the reasons for owning firearms is another indicator you are helping to ripen this county for conquest and enslavement. May you have the misfortune of encountering a urban bath salt brained zombie that sees you as food.

  • trucker

    Only the media is talking gun control.. America is talking about motive.
    John Guandolo, graduate of the Naval Academy and FBI agent, gave a great interview on the Hagmann Report.
    His report can be found at

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    I’d estimate that 95% of the men at the concert in Las Vegas own guns and of that 95%, I would bet 50% own AR’s.

    I’d go even further to say that none of them are considering getting rid of their guns as a result.

    Except maybe the hen pecked fiancé of some bubble headed bleach blonde who won’t stop crying unless he turns in his six shooter….

  • El Ma

    “Now” is not the time to be discussing these issues – logic, reason, and truth are simply not in play after such a horrific event, and people need to be given the time to process what occurred, and to just calm down enough to separate their emotions from this discussion.

    Jimmy Kimmel didn’t shed a single tear during his outrageous oration. He ACTED as if he was actually crying, but he was spouting typical rhetoric that was intended to incite rage, anger, helplessness, hopelessness, fear, and angst without one tear leaking from his eyes to slide down his face. If one is able to separate their feelings and emotions from the situation and actually LISTEN to the words that he spoke, they didn’t make sense and much of what was said was not only incorrect, but completely fabricated. Kimmel is not qualified, on any level, to discuss Laws or the Constitution. He is an entertainer. He is a comedian AND a pretty dismal one, at that.

    Celebrities do not speak for me, or for the public, in general. They live in a bubble of extremely tight security, bodyguards, and idolization that makes them believe that they actually have power to control socio-political momentum. It’s shameful, and each of us should take responsibility for our own thinking, our own research, and developing our own educated opinions without relying upon celebrities, sports figures, or entertainers to do it for us.

    This country is in a pickle and the horrific event in Las Vegas has much, much more to the story than the public will EVER know. Hints and speculation are thrown out to the public through news and social media to keep the public terrified and furious. It seems as if nobody is able to see this for what it is and Kimmel (and, his ilk) are simply throwing gasoline on a conflagration.

    • El Ma

      … clarify Kimmel’s remarks: it is UNCLEAR whether or not Paddock was diagnosed with mental illness. To date, there remains NO criminal history, NO mental health issues, etc. We don’t know what really happened, and I don’t believe that the public will ever be told the truth.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      El Ma, knowing what our fathers told us, I can’t help but wonder how much of this stuff is orchestrated by larger powers to push agendas.

      We will never know.

      Shooters are always dead after the fact and there are never any answers.

      Just speculation and gun control arguments.

      These stories always seem very fishy to me.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        Well, speculation, gun control arguments and disinformation that is partitioned out over and over and over by the media to sway and cement in the minds of the mainly half retarded public who can’t think for themselves.

        The ones who think, “Why would my trusted news anchor lie to me?” Blasphemy!!! I’ve watch Mr and Ms Newsanchor for years, I trust them.

      • El Ma

        LLOYD, none of this adds up. How one untrained gunman could shoot for 10 minutes without any one of his weapons jamming, overheating, or clips malfunctioning doesn’t make one bit of sense.

        We’re never going to know the facts on this, and the media have absolutely NO intent upon releasing “facts,” anymore. It’s all about the “spin,” and marketing, advertising, and viewership. UGH

  • hope

    We must stop people from obtain firearms to save the lives, we stand with you on gun control. there are hundreds of thousands of us that want to not have to break the law by steeling the weapons before we rob, rape and plunder you infidels. many will suffer gang rapes as they do in europe . stealing and killing will be so much easier as you wait on your phone for the police . We support gun control we will stand shoulder to shoulder with you, we’ll help you! As they rioted in the street in california and georgia , without your defences they will all be able to show you the true power of gun control. so please ban them all we are waiting!

  • PA Hunter

    Lets get something straight, what happened Sunday night puts to rest the argument that guns don’t kill, people do when it comes to certain types of firearms. There is no good reason for anyone but the military to possess automatic weapons with high capacity clips like this mental patient had, and he proved it with the death of 59 people and over 500 injured. In other words, as long as we allow these devices or types of guns to be sold we will hear more drivel from talk show hosts, bored by uncaring politicians trying to convince us how much the victims are in their prayers, and witnessing more candlelight vigils regardless of how much the NRA and gun dealers think this type of weapon has nothing to do with the problem. Just hope the vigil isn’t for someone close to you.

    • Robert

      Yea, right and pencils are responsible for spelling errors. You also forgot to include yourself in that drivel. Why use the name PA HUNTER?

      • look in the mirror

        So I assume then you are just fine with the idea of North Korea having nukes pointed at us — nukes don’t kill people, people do

      • El Ma

        LOOK IN THE MIRROR, we do not know the whole story on the Vegas massacre. We never will. What we DO know is that each time anything tragic, unpleasant, or horrific happens, it becomes an open opportunity to erode our guaranteed Rights under the Constitution.

      • nut behind the button

        LOOK IN THE MIRROR: How many nuclear weapons are in our arsenal? How many of them have killed anyone since Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Until SkyNet comes along, it still takes a person to make the decision and push the button (or pull the trigger).

      • Robert

        Kim would be the bad guy pointing bad things at me and covered under the concept of national defense. So no that’s absurd. Just like your point Reductio ad absurdum.

      • Glorious

        So you defend the right to possess weapons that have the capability to mow down dozens of innocent people and are ok with the fact that no matter what we do as a society they will get in the wrong hands at some point? You are ignorant.

    • magicmikexxsm

      Pa, First off the guy didn’t poses automatic weapons, they where semi auto’s with bump stocks, or altered triggers to make them fire full auto. if you are going to argue for gun control at least state the facts correctly…

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