Sock it to Poverty in Socktober

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Some students in Lycoming County are donating thousands of socks to the homeless.

Curtain Intermediate School in Williamsport is collecting socks, lots of them.

"Last year, we collected 3,000 pairs, so this year, our goal is 3,500 pairs," said music teacher Anna Radspinner.

About 4 years ago, Radspinner heard about Socktober online.

"It's something small but is incredibly meaningful to people who just don't have socks."

After a month of fundraising, the socks are donated to several nonprofit organizations in the Williamsport area.

"I think it's important because they are helping people in need."

These students aren't just donating the socks anymore. A few years ago, they started to hand deliver them to several organizations including at the American Rescue Workers.

"At first, I thought why would people need socks? Everybody has socks, but not everybody does," sixth grader Thomas Takach said.

Right now, Robert Zindle of Williamsport depends on American Rescue Workers for support.

"You don't take things for granted like a pair of socks. It might not mean a lot to some people, but to me it's a new pair of socks," Zindle said.

Students are sending more than just socks this year. Pictures and handwritten notes are on their way, too.

"I think that it's cool that we are doing this along with all of the sock donating I think it will definitely brighten people's day," said sixth grader Megan Radspinner.

Curtain Intermediate welcomes the community to help with the sock drive this month. If you would like to donate, please contact the school in Williamsport.