Police: Robbery Attempt Leads to Shooting in Berwick

BERWICK -- People living in Berwick call it unbelievable. A man covered in blood staggered through their neighborhood, fighting with another man, while a woman was screaming for help and running away.

It happened Tuesday night.

"Honest to God, he looked like the walking dead. I apologize for saying it that way, but he looked like I could have walked over and pushed him and he wouldn't have gotten back up, and the guy was following him. We called 911. They were soaked with blood from head to toe,” said Bob Morgan.

According to court papers, Mekayla Hendricks met Tyler Kline online using social media. They agreed to meet face to face at a store in Berwick Tuesday night. Kline showed up and found Hendricks with James Hopper, also known as "Bam." She said Hopper was a friend who just needed a ride. But investigators say Hendricks and Hopper were planning to rob Kline.

Kline says Hopper put a gun to his head, demanded money and ordered him to strip naked. Kline offered to go to an ATM but asked to put his underwear on. He stopped the car in the middle of North Pine Street in Berwick and seeing an opportunity, he grabbed his own gun from his car door and shot Hopper.

The fight spilled outside the car and into the neighborhood. Hopper eventually collapsed. Police say he was shot in the face and back.

"We heard someone running on our front sidewalk, a girl going, 'Help! Help! Help! Help!' By the time we got out here, she was gone. And we were dumb and walked down to the scene where the car was stopped in the middle of the road, and there was a car just sitting there with its headlights on. The door was open, and my husband peeked in the car. There was blood all over the backseat and a gun laying in the backseat, a gun laying in the front seat,” said Florence Petrusa of Berwick.

Hopper has been in trouble before, charged with home invasion and several counts of robbery burglary, illegal possession of a firearm, theft, and more.

"My daughter who lives in New York knew him. She knew the family, and she says it doesn't surprise her,” said Petrusa.

Some people are wondering what Hopper was doing with a gun in the first place.

"That's what laws are for and apparently, they're not getting enforced if he's still doing it. Where did he get the gun from? That's society today. History repeats itself,” said Morgan.

Police say Tyler Kline is cooperating and has not been charged.

Mekayla Hendricks is locked up on robbery charges.

Hopper is expected to be charged with kidnapping, robbery, and weapons charges when he is released from the hospital.


  • hope

    If we had better gun control this poor man would not have been shot. We would bury the driver. After all wouldn’t that be the right thing to do. no criminal should ever have to worry about their safety. We stand with you shoulder to shoulder, supporting gun control. please stop the senseless use of guns on criminals.

  • buzzed driver

    Funny , Armed felon shot and his accomplice (prostitute) yelling for help , Good job , forgot to shoot the whore too , Anyone see why prostitution is illegal , and hot guns ?

    • ninja

      welp, can’t be racist on this one so lets just assume he’s a democrat so we can make sure we insult some large group of people. by the way in case you didn’t know the election has been over for a while now and Hillary is only being spoken about by people like you to perpetuate hate and divide everyone as much as possible. ITS OVER, DONALD TRUMP WON THE ELECTION, WE KNOW, WE SEE HIM BEING A TERRIBLE PRESIDENT EVERYDAY. you’ll probably still be saying the same pointless hooplah for a decade just to stroke your ego.

  • Bam

    I’ve seen that doo rag dirty neighbor under the berwick bridge last week. Trying to sell himself for a razor and some laundry detergent!!!!

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