Marywood Student Arrested; Bulletproof Vest, Assault Rifle, Ammo Found in Car

DUNMORE -- Police took a man into custody on the campus of Marywood University Wednesday. Investigators said he had a gun and lots of ammunition in his car.

Officers responded to reports of an armed man on campus Wednesday afternoon. Dunmore police took Alex Barowski, 28, of Archbald into custody. He was arraigned Wednesday night on charges of terroristic threats, possessing unlawful body armor, and simple assault.

The Lackawanna County district attorney said police found Barowski in a commuter parking lot on Morgan Road on Marywood's campus.

Investigators said it all happened around 4 p.m. when a student told school officials that Barowski showed him a pistol in his waistband and that Barowski said he was fed up with students on campus, and that he was depressed and taking a lot of medication.

That prompted police to search campus until Barowski was found.

"I was driving through the parking and there was probably 10 or 12 cop cars here, and I was like, 'What's going on? I don't know what's happening,' and people were explaining like different stories to me, like, 'Oh, there was a shooter.' 'Oh, someone had a gun,' said Quinn McGreevy, a Marywood student.

"Oh my gosh, all these police! They just evacuated the science building. They evacuated the architecture building, and there was a bunch of students outside on the sidewalk, and there were just rumors of a gun," said student Jaeda Mattis.

The district attorney says inside Barowski's car, police found a bulletproof vest, a disassembled assault rifle, and 200 rounds of ammunition.

After Barowski was taken into custody, Marywood tweeted that there were reports of a person on campus with a weapon, the situation was contained, and students could return to class.

Investigators say no one was hurt in the incident.

Investigators say Barowski is a student at Marywood, and he told police he is a member of the National Guard and has a permit to carry firearms.


  • Paranoid society

    I don’t see what the big deal is here. Maybe the bulletproof vest only because they are illegal and even that is a farse. Lackawanna county has nothing more they can be doing other than violating us of our 2nd Admendment?

  • Robert Paulson

    You don’t need a “permit” to carry a rifle. However, here’s a question: How can this person who is clinically depressed and prescribed “a lot of medication” not required to sequester his weapons?

  • Zero Fuxs Given

    Gun violence will never be curtailed, at least not until mental health is addressed in this country. For someone with mental health issues, or being prescribed med’s for any mental health issues, their information cannot be divulged to anyone due to HIPAA laws in this country. There is no magically place that houses this information or database that is referenced during a background check. All a background check does is access’ the NICS database for any criminal offenses charged to an individual, it does not contain any personal medical information.

    • El Ma

      I’m still not reading, anywhere, precisely what this guy did. He had a kevlar vest. I wish I had one. He had a trunk load of rifle PARTS. He had enough ammo to fire at a range. He had a handgun tucked into his belt. Whom did he threaten? What did he say his intentions were?

      Today, if someone says, “I’ll kill you!” it is now considered a terroristic threat, whether the person uttering those words was joking, or not. From what I’ve read in this article, the guy didn’t make any such statement unless that hasn’t been reported.

      There’s simply not enough information available on this.

      • El Ma

        MOE HOWARD, “sick of (some) students,” is now a terroristic threat?! No kidding? I can’t count how many times I said that, aloud, and, “I’m sick of their parents,” as well!

        The people who are in support of eroding away our guaranteed Rights under the Constitution are reaching with every fiber of their beings. REACHING to make everything a threat, everything an insult, everything to be racist. Gawdalmighty, I’m sick of it all.

      • Kelly Q. Red

        Agreed, wish I had a vest too but I wish everyone would stop making this abot the clothes!! This is about what this guy did, which was he just had a gun and showed it to someone while saying he was fed up!! Big deal! Lots of men hav guns! Lots of men get fed up! Some men wear vests! Some don’t!

        I’m wih EL MA! I want proof, and call me when someone says somethin that is a clear threat — “I’ll kill you” doesn’t cut it!!!

  • See how that works

    Kind of like how the First Amendment protects you to call people names and speculate based on what you perceive from a biased news article.

  • Jane Dose

    If you look at his FB page he is obviously disturbed!! It’s a shame that he will use our military as his excuse for his wrong-doing!! Thank God this was reported before he shot up the school!! I just pray that he doesn’t get away with it just because he’s signed up for the Armed Guards. He is a THREAT!!! He needs to be expelled and imprisoned!!!!

    • Zero Fuxs Given

      Talk about judging a book by it’s cover! I agree that it was a good thing that he was reported, God forbid it wasn’t and something happened. But he didn’t break any laws.

    • NorthEastNinja

      I mean… what about his facebook page seems to scream disturbed to you? to me it looks like he likes to go mountain biking.

      • Jane Dose

        If you go through his entire page and not just his profile pic, you’ll see that he loves guns and getting pics with them as well as a lot of disturbing pics of people in masks setting cars on fire and such. That’s not disturbing? So he likes masks, guns, and vandalism…not at all disturbing?

    • El Ma

      Godalmighty, there are more people whose FB pages could be interpreted as “disturbing” than are not. Look at some of the things that these KIDS are posting! We can’t police the entire world through social media.

    • E

      Ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks for making your control issues obvious ha ha ha! Calm down, lighten up, calm down, lighten up! Ha ha ha ha! Control issues, control issues ha ha ha! Was your father the typical NEPA white trash, alcoholic, ex military redneck? Ha ha ha! Lighten up!

      • Steve E

        I was offering the lame defense that it’s just business as usual. Every gun owner is “responsible” until the minute the shooting spree starts. Then it’s “oh they were mentally ill” (unless their name was Mohammad then they were clearly not mentally ill.) The price of the 2nd amendment is that the rest of us DUCK while people with weapons strong enough to cut down trees exercise their rights.

      • Sister Mary Trump

        I was just thinking the same thing about aggressive and drunk drivers Steve. So, tell me again how a .223 can cut down a tree?

    • Jane Dose

      Oh yes…and I’m sure he had the bullet proof vest in case any animals shot back. Your stupidity is a shame!

  • Sherrie

    No need for a trial. He was caught breaking the law. If his attorney is smart, he’ll enter a guilty plea.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Can any of you posters tell me why on WNEP’s comment pages, I can log in and post a comment from home, but if I’m at work and type out a comment , log in it doesn’t show up..whats? up with that. anybody have a clue, is WNEP blocking me when they don’t recognize the IP address?…..give me your thoughts on this.
    Thank You.

    • Sherrie

      You’re not very bright, are you?

      You’re pathetic comments are showing up just fine, unfortunately. You simply lack patience, among other things.

      • magicmikexxsm

        Peter thank you, so WNEP is using a form of tracking by blocking me from logging in from other computers in different places i.e. work, and so on….does this happen to anybody else?? just wondering…

    • Rurbanite

      I am sure your boss appreciates the time you take off from your job to post comments from your work computer. Especially since your company could be held liable for such comments. You should thank WNEP for saving your azz.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Guess we can say God Bless Planned Parenthood , for keeping the population down, and helping out in Climate Control by ABORTING 800 AND SOME MILLION BABY’S SINCE 1973 ROE V WADE WAS PASSED…

    • E

      I agree with planned parenthood, bravo I say. It’s just unfortunate that more children weren’t killed since 1973. Murdering unborn children is totally acceptable as long as the babies being killed are of a certain heritage, religion and economic bracket. The same idea as when your violent, alcoholic, white trash, Irish Catholic ancestors came to the United States they were dumped into a coal mine to suffer and die. It’s a simple concept to understand, for intelligent people, that human genetic garbage is completely worthless and should be dumped into a run down slum or in the case of unborn trash should be exterminated immediately. Ha ha ha ha!

  • magicmikexxsm

    What’s with this new generation? like, if you like don’t like it, unless you like it, like he had a gun, and like I didn’t know..
    lol and these kids are in college……wow….

  • Lloyd Scmucatelli

    Brush it off, likeni said.

    This will soon be in the past and there will be a new disastrous headline, like I said.

    This will be pushed behind us like Las Vegas has been so quickly. Also like I said.

    Back to breakfast….

  • Be truthful

    It’s not an assault rifle, it’s a carbine rifle. There’s no way he got his hands on a fully automatic, or “assault” rifle. Please report it as what it is, and stop using hot button words to get people fired up.

    • I am the NRA

      Because ‘assault rifle’ makes it sound so evil and sinister. Semi-automatic just doesn’t have that effect.

  • Marywood Mom

    Thank God for the student who had the sense to take the gunman seriously and report him to the authorities. He may have saved many lives.

  • I am the NRA

    So, using your logic – let’s abolish the NRA so law makers can disassemble the Constitution and make law abiding turn in their guns. And law breakers like this guy will still have weapons. And the rest of us won’t. Makes perfect since to me. Made sense to Hitler and Stalin too.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      I’m with you, except this guy didn’t break laws. He broke school policy. Let’s stick to the “facts” provided by wnep.

  • El Ma

    There is so much more to this situation than the “news” is providing. Lots of medications? Terroristic threats? ANYTHING is a terroristic threat, today, and people are being prescribed tons of psychotropic medications that are really unwarranted – to keep them “calm” and most of those medications can have very serious ramifications.

    Did this fellow WEAR the body armor and explain what he intended to do with all of those weapons?

    I’ll be interested to read follow-up on this situation. If there IS any.

    • The ruse station

      Like everything else with WNEP, there will be no follow up. Guns are the hot thing now so they will sensationalize everything they can get their hands on. Before this was hatred for police and before that – bashing the airlines. This too shall pass.


        Pa. Title 18 section 912 Possession of a weapon on School Property is a Misdemeanor 1 grade crime. Please research before you attempt to put out disinformation. That or get yourself a job workning as a reporter for CNN.

      • Sister Mary Trump

        Big Brother, you should read a little further and not cherry pick: it defines what schools and exempts ‘possession for other lawful purpose’. A concealed carry permit is a lawful purpose. Oops.

  • Kukoc7

    Anyone who is defending this guy is ridiculous. Again, why does anyone NEED AN ASSAULT WEAPON?!?!?! Its UNREAL. Every counter argument I’ve received is “well the criminals will get the guns anyway”. Do you realize how stupid that sounds? Its the equivalent of saying you wouldnt move a cup of bleach from the the lowest shelf/ground to a higher/out of reach shelf because “well, the baby is going to drink the bleach either way.” Nobody is trying to take your guns away, its about the ease in which you can buy one. Although I do believe that nobody should be able to own a semi-automatic or assault weapon, because theres no need for it. If you need a high powered weapon to hunt a defenseless animal thats not hunting you back, then you suck at hunting and should give it up. If you want a handgun for protection, fine. A rifle for hunting, sure. Semi-auto assault weapons? Get outta here with that.

    • john williams

      Kuk- no offense, but your father must not have seen people in Europe who were herded into concentration camps by Socialists who promised to take care of them, and then systematically killed. The Founding Fathers created the second amendment to protect the people from a tyrannical government. Mine was, and after the war he never owned a gun, but knew he could get one and use it if he ever needed to.

      • Kukoc7

        Dude, what the hell does WWII have to do with any of this? Youre talking about WWII then jumping to the Founding Fathers then jumping to the right to protect yourself from a tyrannical government? So the reason why you need a semi-automatic is to protect yourself from the government? That makes a ton of sense man. I’ve had people defend themselves saying they use these type of guns to hunt. Also the Fathers didnt create this amendment with the knowledge of these weapons. They were using friggin muskets. I have no problems with someone who wants to own a musket, or go hunting. I personally dont get the ammosexuals who are so fearful of having their guns taken away, which is not going to happen and is not what the law makers are trying to do. Why are you so against legislation to make it harder to purchase a weapon? I dont understand. Sure, we can never fully prevent tragedies like Las Vegas or Orlando, Im not saying that. If people have the intent, theyre going to do it. But why not make it a bit harder for them? Why not make it so that it isnt so easy to stroll into a place and light it up with ridiculous ammunition? What is your logic to being able to purchase weapons while on a no fly list? How do you defend that? Something to do with WWII? Saying that people who want more gun legislation are brainwashed? Laughable.

      • I am the NRA

        The founding fathers never envisioned that you would be able to compose missives on a device you hold in your hand to broadcast to the world instantaneously, but here we are. The same piece of paper that protects your freedom to express your opinion also protects my freedom to own whatever means I choose to defend my loved ones and county with. We’ve already established you don’t know anything about guns, please stop already.

      • Please stop

        What is ‘ridiculous ammunition’? The founding fathers never envisioned us using these devices to communicate with, but we’re still protected by the same amendment that was written with quill and ink. Your logic is flawed.

      • E

        @Please stop. Why din’t you please stop. Ha ha ha ha! YOUR logic is flawed ha ha ha! The founding fathers what!? Which anendment did the founding fathers “write” that applies to cell phones and modern telecommunications laws ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Your logic is flawed indeed ha ha ha!

    • I am the NRA

      Who is defending this guy? I’m certainly not. Do you defend a drunk or aggressive driver when they cause an accident or a fatality? Your comments show how clueless you are. The typical ‘assault weapon’ is chambered for .223 caliber (5.56 NATO). That’s not a ‘high-powered’ rifle. The smallest generally accepted cartridge for deer hunting is .243. “A rifle for hunting, sure”. Once again, clueless. I hunt with a .308 which has much more power than a .223.

      • Kukoc7

        Ill be the first to admit that I dont have a lot of knowledge regarding guns. Never owned one, never wanted to. I dont get the appeal. But I know that even just listening to video clips of tragedies like these that whatever gun was being used has no place in the hands of any Joe Blow off the street. Why are you so against stricter gun laws? Im legitimate curious what is so bad about that?

      • I am the NRA

        KUKOC7: ‘I know nothing about guns, but I want a certain type of gun to be abolished’. Typical. The only trouble with ‘stricter gun laws’ is they do nothing to keep them out of the hands that shouldn’t have them. Chicago is a classic example. So when a drunk takes out a family of five in their mini-van with his F350 dually diesel, do you call for the abolishment if those trucks? After all, nobody needs a truck that big and powerful just to go back and forth to work in.

    • Flawed logic

      If I take bleach and lock it in a cabinet out of reach of an infant, that infant will never get into it. Once that infant is an adult, it has the means and wherewithal to break open that cabinet if they desire. Please stop trying to reason with flawed logic.

      • Steve E

        Can’t make a freedom omelet without breaking a few eggs. I guess the folks in Vegas were just taking one for the team for the NRA.

      • Sister Mary Trump

        Well Steve-o, I guess one can say the same thing when kids get hit by cars on the way home from school. Small price to pay so we have our mobility. You’re a douche.

      • Hypocrites

        Do you smoke, Stevie? Enjoy a drink on occasion? If so, enjoy yourself-those with lung cancer and alcoholism don’t mind you supporting their affliction.

    • Seriously

      You’re wrong from your first attemp at forming a coherent sentence.
      It’s got nothing to do with “needing” any gun. It’s the fact that if I want one I can buy one.
      See how easy that is?

    • MikeD

      First, no one has established exactly what he had, as apparently details are limited as of yet. Second, a true “assault weapon” can not be owned by private citizens legally, with some very expensive exceptions. A semi-automatic is legal as it should be. If you think your rights don’t matter, go live in China for a while and get back to me.

  • Zero Fuxs Given

    MU, just like any school, public or private, grade school or collegiate, It’s policy that weapons are not allowed on campus/property, buy it’s “not” PA law. It was a very bad decision to brag about carrying a gun anywhere, and volunteering information on what medications he is taking, that would make anyone a bit nervous, even more today with the mass shooting in Las Vegas this past Sunday. These charges are a stretch, and will probably be more of a nuisance (and quite an expense) for this young man to have to deal with legally. He’ll probably be expelled from MU. BUT, I wouldn’t convict this man of any of these charges, except for thinking ahead and being prepared. If he was an off duty police officer, in plain clothes, taking classes….and this happened…..would the same charges be filed, doubtful. I bet the initial report of a student on campus with a weapon, would not have even happened.

    • 🙄

      He probably will be charged because it will be considered premeditated. He had the weapons and the bullet proof vest and was dumb enough to tell someone what he had and his intentions. That is premeditated which is against the law cuz he planned on committing a crime. That God the student he told contacted authorities. God knows what would have happened.

  • joe

    (c) Unlawful body armor.–A person commits a felony of the third degree if in the course of the commission of a felony or in the attempt to commit a felony he uses or wears body armor or has in his control, custody or possession any body armor. … “Body armor.”

    • Mark

      He is in the Army National Guard. Everyone in the Army is issued standard body armor. For whatever reason he had it in his car. He’s allowed to have it. Hell, I use mine to work out with sometimes as a “weight vest.” Nothing illegal with that at all. And also, he probably didn’t even have plates in it. Probably just the first layer and the vest itself. Wouldn’t stop much more than a small caliber pistol.

    • MikeD

      Ummm…Which felony was that? Police over charge all the time. I doubt you could find this guy guilty of little more than disorderly conduct. Obviously he needs some professional help otherwise.

    • joe

      (c) Unlawful body armor.–A person commits a felony of the third degree if in the course of the commission of a felony or in the attempt to commit a felony he uses or wears body armor or has in his control, custody or possession any body armor. … “Body armor.”

      • Liam G

        Yes, but he wasn’t in the process of committing a felony. Outside of being a tool, he did nothing illegal. Carrying a gun on campus can get you expelled, and if you are asked to leave and refuse, charged with simple trespass. Note that the rifle was disassembled. Also, 200 rounds of different calibers is not unusual. That is a few hours at the range. Well, he –had– a license to carry firearms. I’m sure the character clause in the law gets that pulled today. Best guess? No charges make it past preliminary if his lawyer has the slightest skill. If he did make those comments, he needs mental help, but there was no crime.

      • 🙄

        Having a permit to carry is fine. Usually it’s a hand gun cuz who carries around a friggin rifle these days? But, if there is a policy where weapons are not allowed such as govt. Buildings, schools, Dr offices, then no you can’t have them.,

  • Think Positive

    Why such hatred, LOCK HIM UP? It just good to see justice being done, because we all know that it’s not easy to “clean up” the garbage.

  • Think Positive

    Great job Police Force, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. It’s always better safe than sorry, and this guy was perceived as a threat by more than one person.

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