Father Accidentally Shoots Self While Trying to Calm Crying Child: Police

BERWICK — A man is dead after police said he accidentally shot himself while trying to calm his crying son.

It happened just before 2:30 p.m. Tuesday on West Second Street in Berwick.

Police say Kenneth Morris of Nescopeck was reaching into his vehicle to calm his son when the revolver in his shoulder holster started to fall. Morris tried to catch the gun and it went off, hitting him in the stomach.

Morris was taken to Geisinger Medical Center near Danville where police say he died.


  • Jack Irvin

    Does this mean we have finally found a gun that shoots all by it self ? It is a tragedy, but there is no such thing as a gun having an accident, people have accidents, the gun did not put a round in the chamber.

  • In a galaxy far far away

    What is your point? I have done firearms training that had us participate in the Tueller Principle. We had a avid runner that was able to get to you from 32 ft before we could unholster, aim and shoot our weapon. He consistantly stabbed the class with the rubber demonstration knife before 80% could have shot him! But the point?

  • I Need Antacids

    Tragedy for sure and I am sorry for your loss. Family and friends feeling angry or upset about ugly comments need to understand that there are trolls on public forums that wait for something dreadful to happen so they can make their nasty comments. It is a terrible thing to do but people do this.

  • M4D (@M4Defense)

    Sadly this could have been avoided had he elected to purchase a “retention” holster. That is a must for open or concealed carry. Don’t skimp on the holster. There is too much at stack. Thank God it wasn’t his child.

  • robert

    Correct Me If i’m wrong ken was a volunteer, with a wife and child. has done good for his community. And I see this besmudging from Inconsiderate, lucky to get a real name , rude people, of whom do what? anything beyond self praising ? Hearts out to ken and family

  • Family Friend

    I simply came to this article to read the comments because the boys sister shared the link on her page upset about some of the comments being made about her brother! Apparently, after reading some of these comments, people are completely unaware that the family is out there reading these comments. Right now there is a family hurting because of an unintentional accident that could have been avoided and im sure they are well aware of all the scenarios of how if the situation was handled differently their brother, son and dad would still be here but unfortunately he isn’t and hurtful comments won’t change the situation and they certainly aren’t helping the morning family. Im not trying to be ugly to anyone I just try to think about what if it was my brother, son or dad and how I would feel if someone was to say some of these things to me.
    To the family:
    Im so sorry for your loss your in my prayers!

    • Family

      The family is busy grieving and planning a funeral. But this kind man had lots of family. Things still get seen. Put yourself in this position before you judge anyone. That’s not your place.

    • El Ma

      This is truly a tragedy, and thoughts of comfort and prayers for healing go to this fellow’s friends and family.

    • D.K

      hmmm, maybe the family is on here looking for comforting words.
      My thoughts and prayers are with them. Their lives have been changed forevermore. We should be praying for them not judging.😞🙏

  • Steve

    We hear of all the awful things that happen with guns, never the good. The good people that have guns are in jeopardy of losing theirs. One day when all the guns are taken from the honest and only your government and thugs have them, you will be at their mercy.

    Granted, there needs to be more common sense in ownership and usage. There are a lot of gun laws already that need to be followed and a heard too but aren’t.

    • Why are you terrified?

      No you aren’t in jeopardy of losing your guns. I’ve heard that meme for the last eight years and you still have your guns don’t you? Honestly, the self righteous gun owners are the most easily terrified group of people I’ve ever seen.

  • troutlover

    Sorry to say but this was a moron who had NO reason for carrying his weapon in the car WITH his child! You NEVER carry a .357 or any revolver and have a live round under the firing pin! Only a matter of time until this boy would have killed someone and thank God his son was not injured!

    • A family member

      You call a man a moron that you don’t know and actually say it was a matter of time before he killed someone??? Who are you? God? What the hell is wrong with people like you..tell me exactly what enjoyment do you get out of getting on here a criticizing a man whom you don’t know and making assumptions of what he was or won’t going to do??? Do you feel like a bigger person now?? Will you sleep better now?? Or do you have more ignorance to throw out there to disrespect a man who can’t give you an explanation anymore or perhaps you get your rocks off disrespecting the family who haven’t laid him to rest yet to boost your confidence…Kenneth had an accident and everyone is entitled to their opinion but sometimes it’s best to keep your damn opinion to yourself …it CALLED RESPECT…get you some!!

    • WHAT?

      what are you people doing browsing social media at a time like this? why not you be mindful and tend to business at hand. TRAGEDIES happen every day and browsing social media and posting to FB pages is probably the most undignified and self serving activity imaginable. Tend to your business at home instead of expecting the world to feel your pain.

    • Rebecca Dunkley

      Our family has lost something your family will never have. Crawl back under your rock ,Sleezebucket, and learn to think about the pain of others before you open your gap again.

    • Patrick Maruniak

      I think the only moron is you who makes hateful comments like you just did my thoughts prayers and condolences go out to the family.

  • mopar driver

    The story is right in your area , See – robbery attempt leads to shooting in Berwick. Guns are for protection from scum – Otherwise it will be like Chicago (gun free zone) everywhere.

  • Truth, not emotion

    Well Archie (it is you, right?) all you have to do is go to the NRA web site and search for ‘The Armed Citizen’ articles. There you will find countless links to news stories where firearms have protected people. The articles come from local news, all the NRA does is compile them. “The same respect we treat cars” – do you mean the cars that remove 100 people each day from the population? That kind of respect? Yesterday hundreds of thousands of people safely flew in airplanes all over the world and nobody says a word or pays any attention – yet if one airliner goes down – the outcry for more safety is deafening. Take emotion out of the equation.

  • Jim

    I respect your opinion that guns are not necessary because you feel they’re only purpose is to kill or injure, but I don’t agree with it at all. I carry a hand gun that is capable of injuring and capable of killing, I did not buy it with that intent in mind. I bought it with two intentions, security and as a deterrent if need be. However sometimes unfortunately in today’s world that’s not enough and it’s full capabilities may need to be tested to save a life. I would think it’s a safe bet to say every responsible gun owner and police officer hopes they never have to draw their gun, their weapon of choice, and certainly hope they never have to use it. The comparison of a gun to a vehicle was that of the responsibility and respect they both require to handle safely, not to validate ones legitimacy or purpose in society.

  • Apples

    Mr. Gates, I agree with you completely. There is no comparison between the two. Vehicles are designed to be safe and protect life, yet they still kill 100 people every day. And I believe the Amish would disagree with you saying they are necessary for every day life.

  • Apples

    And so the onslaught of questioning personal firearms continues. Curious, where’s the outcry every day when there is a vehicle accident that claims a life? 100 each day in the USA, actually.

    • Ric Scott

      Another one bites the dust. Darwinian Evolution at it’s best. Did you hear about the woman in Jax, FL that was shot in the back by her 5 yr. old? Her gun that she kept under her seat slid to the back seat where her toddler picked it up and pulled the trigger…shooting her in the back. You people and your guns…Good grief.

      • A false sense of security

        What do you mean? I sit on the toilet with my gun in hand…you never know! I go to confession with gun in hand…the priest could be nuts! There are armed criminals everywhere! The grocery store, the doctors office, work. I sit and watch tv with my gun in hand. You dont realize the danger! I just read a news story where a man was mugged on a subway while carrying a concealed weapon…now a criminal has his gun. I have seen several demonstrations where a martial artist disarmed a person in seconds. A person trained to disarm can kick our ass and take our gun before we can draw and aim. Unless you draw your weapon every time someone gets within 15 feet you are as vulnerable as an unarmed person. Although now a criminal has your gun. I will continue to train in the martial arts as an alternative to holding my hand on the trigger of a gun. P.S. I do carry under the circumstance where I accompany the transport of large amounts of valuables as part of my job. An untrained person with a gun has a false sense of security!

  • billiam gates

    yeah… but cars are for transportation and are completely necessary, you need them for everyday life. guns you do not, if less people had them then less people would die from gun related injuries plain and simple. a cars primary purpose is not for killing its just an unfortunate risk. guns are meant for injuring or killing…. there is definitely a huge difference. i don’t disagree with what you said per se, i just think its stupid to compare the two.

  • donnie

    exactly, what is gonna happen while he’s around with his child that he would need to carry? just leave it somewhere like you said… just because you have one doesn’t mean you have to get a shoulder holster and carry it around trying to be a badass. i feel bad for the family though. senseless death. sad.

    • Jim

      He probably carried it to protect his family and had a terrible accident while doing so. Having it on him while his children were around is the time when most would agree having it is justifiable. To protect them from all the insane lunatics out there. Having a child with you isn’t going to stop a criminal from mugging you or a terrorist from attacking you.

    • A family member

      You feel bad for the family yet you are judging a man you don’t know making ASSUMPTIONS of why the man carried a gun and have the nerve to say something about his child????? Do not talk your ignorance and try to act as if you feel anything for his family …in fact have the decency to respect a man that’s no longer here to defend himself by keeping your mouth shut when your judgemental non educated ignorant ass imagination starves for attention…ITS CALLED RESPECT ..TRY IT SOMETIME!!!!

    • WHAT?

      This aint the place where family members or friends should be speinding there time. They should be in a state of shock and mourning instead of posting on blog sites and social media.

  • magicmikexxsm

    I own 5 semi auto hand guns, I have fully loaded clips in them, but I don’t keep one in the chamber for safety reasons. even with the double pull triggers and the safety’s I will not keep one in the chamber..it’s only a matter of seconds to put a round in the chamber…..but that’s just me.

    • phil

      well aren’t you a cool dude. that has nothing to do with this article though or the pistol being a revolver. do you just have no one to talk to and feel like this website is your friend or something?

    • V.d.p.

      What if you dont have both hands free to chamber a round? I carry every day and most of the time a 1911 with the hammer cocked and safety on! The way the firearm was ment to be carried… accidents happen…

  • marbs

    Revolvers do not have an external safety, the only way a non defective revolver can go off is if the trigger is pulled and this moves the internal safety out of the way of the firing pin. He unfortunately must have grabbed the gun while it was falling and pulled the trigger. If it fell to the ground it would not have gone off.

    • randy

      like a knife while cooking, if it slips and starts falling, do not try to catch it, just get your feet out of the way

  • Bj

    The innocent 59 in Vegas were killed only by the foul play of a mad man. Guns only being his weapon of choice. As unfortunate as this sad story is, it’s extremely unlikely. Hand guns don’t fall out of holsters that are in good working order on their own, second any and all modern day double action revolvers have a built in safety called a transfer bar that keeps the gun from accidentally firing if the hammer is pulled into cock. My point being it’s physically impossible for a revolver to accidentally fire. You literally have to squeeze the trigger a fair distance before it can fire. This poor man either had extremely bad luck, or for whatever reason didn’t keep his firearm secured and apparently was either an extremely old or modified revolver. In either of these cases it was preventable. He was just as likely to fall on a steak knife as he tripped over his sons toy in the kitchen than for this near impossible act to happen. Regardless the man felt reason enough to excersize his right to carry whether anyone else agrees with him or not, it’s unfortunate he didn’t have the means either by knowledge or safe equipment to do so safely.

    • El Ma

      What a dreadful accident. And, you are 100% correct that a revolver doesn’t just “go off,” accidentally. Ask any gunsmith and they’ll validate your points, here. It was either VERY modified, or just horrible luck. Dreadful, to be sure, but not a reason to get onto the “Repeal The Second Amendment” bandwagon.

  • The voice of reason

    I’m sure there are lots of stories with one “good guy” saving 60 people with a gun. I’m equally sure it wouldn’t matter if I came up with 600 stories. You are obviously set in your opinion and nothing anyone says is going to change it.
    You’re not here for discussion or news, or to post thoughtful comments. you here with an agenda and are using this senseless tragedy to make a political statement. Classless behavior, and it will not help to further your cause.

    • billiam gates

      how hypocritical , i’m sure you wouldn’t dare try to look at things from any other point of view and are also set in your ways. at least he was able to post an intelligent and debatable comment without trying to belittle people who don’t feel the same as you do. this is all comments turn into on here anymore. If someone has a different view on things than you do you try to insult and trivialize them. the essence of being a bigot.

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