Extras Show up for Movie Shoot 

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CLIFFORD TOWNSHIP -- A golf course in Susquehanna County transformed into a movie set Wednesday.

A crew is shooting a new flick featuring Fern Hall Inn near Clifford and included extras from around our area.

Far from the Hollywood Hills, the movie crew was on its final day of shooting "The Eagle and the Albatross," a comedy filmed on the golf course at Fern Hall Inn.

"It's fantastic for us. It's kind of crazy, but I'l miss it when it's gone. I've been doing 19-hour days, going home and coming back three hours later, kind of nuts," said Joe Agnello of Fern Hall Inn.

Scottish Glen Golf Course and the inn have been the backdrop for nearly a month of shooting scenes. And on the final day, a big group of extras were pulled from the area.

Gabriela Arias of Forest City joined dozens of other women taking their cues to support the actors and actresses in the movie set to be released in the spring.

"(I've) never been in a movie before. It's pretty cool, pretty nice. Friends I've been making, really nice, cool experience," Arias said.

"It was such a nice opportunity, something on my bucket list. I've never done this before. That it's in our backyard in our area is such a plus," said Samantha Perkowski of Mountain Top.

Some of the extras have spent days on set. Others made it the final day. Besides having a free lunch and waiting for their cues, extras were happy to be a part of the action.

"You just got to go with it, have fun with it. This is my calling," said Aerolynn Kennedy of Greentown said.

Writer and director Angela Shelton has lived in nearby Montrose and wanted to make a movie here.

"(I) Wanted to bring revenue and eyeballs into Susquehanna County, so I did this as a gift," Shelton said.

And now that filming is over, life at the Fern Hall Inn can go back to normal.