Check Your Chimneys Before Cold Weather Hits

STROUD TOWNSHIP -- A chimney is to blame for flames that destroyed a home in Penn Estates in Stroud Township.

This is a busy time of year for heating specialists, who are reminding people to get chimneys checked.

"It's very important. There are a lot of safety issues with not having your chimney inspected with the heat that is going up there. You don't want anything to catch on fire and cause more damage," said Aaron Davis, F/J Hess and Sons service technician.

Davis is a technician at F/J Hess and Sons near Mount Pocono. He says there are many safety risks to not getting chimneys cleaned and checked.

"Clogged chimney, if your chimney is clogged or not venting properly, the house will fill up with smoke or CO, which is odorless and very deadly," said Davis.

Technicians say the best time to have your chimney checked is during September and October, which is usually the first time many people start using their chimneys. This way you can make sure there is no buildup and ready for the winter ahead.

Sally Edinger has two chimneys at her home in Saylorsburg. She says even though it's been warm, people need to remember to have chimneys and furnaces checked.

"It's important because it gets built up with whatever you've burned the year before and you're cold on a chilly fall night and you light it, you could have a chimney fire," said Edinger.

Technicians say chimney inspections should be done once a year.

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