A Divided Country?

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SCRANTON -- With the recent violence in Las Vegas, it seems time and time again Americans are dealing with tragedy and conflict.

Newswatch 16 spoke with people from all different backgrounds who say the nation is certainly divided. With the many issues tearing Americans apart, it's more important than ever to find common ground.

2017 has been a year of one major event happening after another, everything from the back and forth over immigration, the NFL protests, and natural disasters affecting places like Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean.

Now, the mass shooting in Las Vegas is sparking up the gun control debate.

They are the kind of controversies that have people talking everywhere.

Joseph Marciano studies political science at the University of Scranton. He says his classes have been unorthodox.

"The huge separation between the liberals and the conservatives, it's really showing how people are choosing their viewpoints over the collective in the country," Marciano said.

Marciano says the media play a huge role in what people see and how they act.

"Depending on where you are getting your news is how you are going to think and depending on what your showing on the news is what you're going to be passionate about," he said.

At the King of Fades barbershop, all walks of life come and sit in Tyson Joyner's chair. The barbershop on Penn Avenue in Scranton is a popular place to talk about current events, just not at this pace.

"It's never been this many tragedies happening just constantly over and over, like things always happen but these last couple years, before you get one off your memory something else tragic happens," Joyner said.

The father of two girls admits it's difficult explaining everything to them.

"It makes you numb to stuff. It's like that's nothing that happens all the time and it shouldn't be like that."

Cindy Pearl has lived in Scranton most of her life and says the political climate in the United States is very distressing.

"We need to have civil thoughts and feelings for each other and even if you don't mean it, fake it until you make it," Pearl said.

Some we talked with today summed up our divided country with this quote: "People hate with they don't understand, and hate what they can't conquer."

Folks also say the first step to seeing each other's viewpoint is sitting at the same table.


  • magicmikexxsm

    Well of course we have a divided country, Onbama, and the Democrat liberals made sure of that….the DNC along with their paid for hire stooges ANTIFA,BLM, want to rewrite the constitution, into a more progressive friendly document..
    They the DNC along with all their paid for groups want to do away with YOUR constitutional rights,
    Well I say over yours, and my dead body first…..Nov 4th the word on the street is ANTIFA is going to start something big, God I hope not we will wait and see.

  • trucker

    Mass Murder Pills, SSRI’s and psychotropic drugs.
    This guy was taking them, only Infowars is reporting this. Could advertising revenue skew reporting?

  • Givemeabreak

    People need to stop blaming Presidents and start taking individual responsibility for their own actions. Everything isn’t Obama’s fault and everything isn’t Trump’s fault. Maybe just try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a minute and then you might be able to understand their perspective a little better instead of parroting what you hear on the TV. All of the news channels and I mean all of them have one agenda and that’s money. Nothing sells better than dirty laundry.
    Mix this in with divide and conquer politics that the politicians use to get votes and air time on TV and this is what you have.

  • El Ma

    It seems that the mission to create the perfect storm of events to instigate a socio-political collapse has been accomplished. Wonderful. I was hoping that my dad was just ranting and I would never seen this time come.

  • 🙄

    Of course this country is divided. Everyone blames the President for it but it actually started with Obama. He messed this country up so bad and left a message for Trump and now President Trump is trying to do the best for this country and everyone finds some kind of fault in whatever that man does. He has a lot of crap to clean up. Obama left this country in such disarray that it takes time to fix it. Y’all need to give President Trump a chance and see what he’s going to do. I know he’s gonna do great things!! Go Trump! Making America great again!!

  • trucker

    “Let’s recycle a story from 1859”
    One thing WNEP could do to help is treat people equally. That means “the alt-left” should appear just as often as “the alt-right” in “news” stories. Anything less is unprofessional.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Excellent example! 1859…. a time in our nations history where a divide so great was over states rights. A divide so great that it ripped this country in two. Ones rights to own another person was fought so hard for that over 1/2 million men died.

      And people think they’re going take away guns????


      Even with today’s issues, we aren’t as divided as we were for the civil war.

      • Givemeabreak

        I just love the states rights argument. It had to do with wealthy land owners that wanted free labor that they didn’t want to give up. I guess you think slavery should be decided on the state level.
        Just follow the money.

      • Bob Moran

        Nice to see someone who sees the big picture. It WAS all about money. That whole “states rights” and “white superiority” BS was used to fool the impoverished rubes (you know, the ones whose employment opportunities were lost due to slave labor) and the middle class rubes into fighting the oligarchs’ war. Some rubes are still fooled by it too.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Don’t care.

    Where’s the fun in everyone agreeing?

    Getting along?

    Voting the same?

    Our differences are REALLY what makes the United States what it is.

    I mean, what would become of wnep’s comment section??? It would self destruct.

    We hate the chaos, but we’re all addicted to it!

    • Givemeabreak

      Speak for yourself. Some of us want the chaos to stop. It would be nice if our children have a better world than we have.

  • Lance

    It has gotten worse with last years elections. People still have not gotten over the outcome. The media has not helped at times they seem to push for their opinions rather than reporting on just factual news. This only inflames those who find fault and those who get defensive. The one factor that should be a unifying force is our national anthem. Now even that is attacked by protests . We are all Americans. But now it seems we are forgetting that.

      • JD

        Trump’s the divider?! Bullshitzu! The Democrats started this a long time ago! It grew exponentially under Obama!

      • Lance

        You just made my point. Your Hillary lost. Move on. Do you honestly think that a woman that had an enemies list, downplayed victims of her husbands sex antics, wrote a book complaining about why she lost and now politicized the tragedy in Las Vegas would be better? Time to get over it.

      • JD

        Jeezeus Lance! I hope you’re not talking to me. Hillary belongs in jail already along with a big list of her henchmen! What I mean is, history proves that every time a bill was introduced to help the black community, it was the Democrats that opposed it, while the Republicans fought for their rights. Democrats turn everything around and point their Stinky fingers at Republicans and conservatives. The media sucks it up with a straw!

      • El Ma

        JD, it’s typically a bad idea to presume things, but I believe that LANCE was responding to MY FOOT HURTS.

        Personally, my take on all of this is that this has been carefully orchestrated. When I’m able to remain objective, none of what’s currently going on makes any sense, whatsoever. And, it seems that everything from the SJW end of it all started with a “good idea” or seemingly “good intention.” Now, it’s all pretty warped and twisted.

        My dad warned me of this, 25 years ago. He very nearly predicted this down to the details. In retrospect, I wish I’d taken his advice, but it seems that nowhere is “safe,” anymore. Not even our own country.

      • Obama built this

        Because Obama did such a great job unifying everyone. ‘They acted stupidly’, the ‘rainbow White House’, the encouragement of civil unrest. ‘My moose-slime faith’. Makes me sick. I would take 12 years of Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter back to back if we could erase Obama and all the damage he has done.

      • The Curb Stomper

        “my foot hurts”, “Archie, “Dumnell”, “Keystone Cops” etc…. this is all the same poster. Guaranteed to be a loser in his mom’s basement with a criminal record and this his his only way of getting even with the decent people of society.

      • Lance

        Not you JD it was for myfoothurts. Probably because it was in their mouth. I agree that dems are about as intolerant as those they love to criticize.

  • warningfakenews

    There’s a great deal of talk about finding common ground when one party in particular isn’t winning elections. Interestingly enough, the other party’s representatives in government aren’t exactly implementing their party’s stated agenda. Fortunately, those folks holding office now can and will be replaced for that.

    Is that Strange? I donno, go ask him.

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