Weis Markets Expands Distribution Center

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MILTON -- It's no secret Weis Markets is expanding. In 2016, the company added 44 new stores. Because of the growth, Weis Markets built a bigger distribution center in Milton.

The ribbon was cut Tuesday, welcoming the 210,000 square foot expansion. The distribution center is now over one million square feet.

"It's a 24/7 operation. We service about 1,000 trucks in a week and 1,000 trucks out a week," Joe Kleman said.

The new distribution helped Weis Markets add 150 new employees.

That brings the number of distribution center employees to nearly 900. Many of the jobs are in the cold storage area, where it is 10 degrees below zero.

"It's a physically demanding job. These guys come in here and they bust their butts every day," Jason Reese said.

Terry Cox works in the distribution center because of the expansion.

"The distribution center's going to continue to grow. That's going to help us down the road with more full-time employees," Cox said.

Weis plans to expand the distribution center again next year, which will add even more jobs.

"We have a perishable expansion coming, which will expand about 60,000 square feet," Cox said.

"We'll probably have 1,000 people in the building at that point, yes," Kleman said.

Weis Markets also wants people to know there are currently 20 full-time job openings at the distribution center in Milton. If you'd like to apply, click here.

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