Time Capsule Reveals Glimpse of LCCC Past

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NANTICOKE -- As Luzerne County Community College celebrates its 50th anniversary, staff members dug up a time capsule buried for its 25th anniversary back in 1992.

It's the moment some graduates at Luzerne County Community College have been awaiting for 25 years. LCCC alumnus and staff member Jim Garlan put a few things in this time capsule back in 1992 and on Tuesday, he unearthed it again.

"I was hoping everything was still intact, that nothing got ruined, and everything is nice. Everything looks like the day we put it in," Garlan said.

Students passed along signs of the past like event calendars, floppy disks, and even VHS tapes.

"People were dropping their mixtapes in there, because why not? It's not going to be found for another 25 years," said student Jett Prynn.

"While times have changed, there are still a lot of things that still feel the same," said student Brian Guerrero. "You can still feel the same energy on the campus as you do today, which is always a good thing."

LCCC President Thomas Leary had his school picture buried inside, but even more moving to him was another student's letter to future readers.

"I am hoping to see all of you 25 years from now when I am famous for my caring about people, a smiley face that says keep smiling," Leary said reading from the letter.

"I think it's a reflection of student aspirations. When you're in college, you really do want to set the world on fire, you know? You want to do something different," Leary added.

This time capsule is going to buried again in the next couple of months. Students already have suggestions for what they would like to put in the box.

"I want to put a Twinkie in there because it won't expire," said Jett.

"Something that began in our year and of course -- shameless self-promotion -- throw in a student government photo or a student government card in there," suggested Guerrero.

The next time the capsule will be opened again is in 2042 for the school's 75th anniversary.

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