Talkback 16: Las Vegas Mass Shooting

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The mass shooting in Las Vegas is the focus of this edition of Talkback 16.


  • pattyh

    Why does Hilary Clinton think we actually want or need to hear her views on Vegas tragedy or anything else? She is irrelevant and needs to leave us all alone.

  • CeeMe

    When Americans lived in their own neighborhoods as Americans, we never had these problems. Everyone knew their neighbors and you didn’t have people from other states, countries or even other communities in the same state, like people from Philadelphia coming to live in Wilkes-Barre. Now, we have too many people here, from too many different backgrounds. I know people are going to get rotten about that comment, but it’s the truth. The higher the number of people, the more crime and other negative factors come to light, unfortunately, more than the good factors.

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