Pennsylvania Man Among Las Vegas Victims

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SHIPPENSBURG -- One of the 59 people killed in the Las Vegas massacre is a man from Pennsylvania.

A community came together in prayer, as hundreds gathered in Shippensburg Monday night holding onto hope that Bill Wolfe would be OK, but then came the news Tuesday that the Little League and youth wrestling coach had died.

"I got a phone call from my wife and says, 'Billy and his wife Robyn was out at the concert in Las Vegas and Billy got shot.' My heart just dropped," said J.R. Wells of Shippensburg.

A photo of Bill Wolfe and his wife Robyn shows them smiling on their 20th anniversary trip at that country music concert until bullets rained down on that crowd of 20,000. Bill Wolfe was one of the hundreds shot, now one of the dozens killed.

Now, children are among those in mourning, the many Wolfe has coached through the years.

"I think the kids respond well to him. We used to say it's harder to coach with Bill than to play for him. I think he had a lot of expectations for the kids and made a good impact on the kids."

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the Wolfe family.

And while one Pennsylvanian is mourned, another is getting recognized by the White House. Mike McGarry just returned home to Philadelphia. He was also at that concert.

"I just dove on top of like 14 people, just pulled a chair over them, like a table. I said, 'I'm a lot older than you,'" McGarry said.

In the chaos, McGarry says he first thought of the young people around him.

"There was bullets flying all over. They're in their 20s. I'm 53. I've lived a decent life so far. I'd rather them live longer than me," he said.


  • Jerry

    Because we’re not doing it every 3 seconds to each other. Who’s more racist white people or black people? Black people because they hate black people too

  • Don't feed the trolls

    Don’t feed the trolls, people. It’s the only way they feel any value or self worth by writing controversial things and waiting for a response. It’s the only way they feel connected to real people outside of their basement apartment. Ignore them, they’ll go away.

    • El Ma

      The problem with these “trolls” is that they’re just a couple of people that change their ID’s every few minutes.

      What is truly sad is that people’s lives were ended by a madman and the trolls use every opportunity to display a complete absence of compassion and post vicious comments with the sole intent of creating outrage. Such impotent little people that are tiny, tiny fish in a great big pond until they make atrocious posts and they suddenly feel powerful. What a wretched life it truly must be to spend all of their time dreaming up more new and creative means to generate outrage. Pffffft.

  • Writer Girl

    No one ever said there isn’t any white on white crime. I guess you’ve been living under a rock, as there is lots of outrage on this incident, which has nothing to do with race. One nut killed lots of people of all races. It’s only race related when it’s black and white involved in crimes it seems. That should tell you something.

  • πŸ™„

    My thoughts and prayers to Mr. Wolfe’s family. I can’t imagine anything so horrible like that. It’s very sad and heartbreaking. May he RIP!

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